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The Bionic Ear Association (BEA) is a support network committed to helping you Hear and Be Heard. The BEA provides anyone considering cochlear implants for themselves or loved ones the opportunity to communicate with peers and get the support that is so important to those who have experienced hearing loss.

Comprised of caring, hearing health professionals and volunteers, this close-knit community is committed to being there for you or your child every step of the way. With the BEA, you are never alone on the journey to hearing.

Evelyn’s Experience Helps Others with Hearing Loss

“I know what it is like to not be able to hear well and rely on lip reading. When I got my two AB cochlear implants, I wanted to help others know they can truly be part of life by hearing and communicating with a cochlear implant.”

— Evelyn Gardner, implanted at age 63, bilaterally implanted at age 64

A Community You Can Count On

When you or your child becomes a recipient of an AB cochlear implant, you also join a community of dedicated people who can provide information, support, awareness, and other important connections to help make your journey easier and more fulfilling.

From in-person BEA gatherings and online webinars to listening resources designed to improve you or your child’s hearing experience, the BEA offers friendship, education, and encouragement every step of the journey.

If you are a current AB recipient or the parent of a recipient, consider becoming a mentor today!

Get Your Questions Answered

All of your questions matter - especially when it comes to hearing your best now and in the future.

The BEA offers a hotline staffed by experienced hearing professionals who can answer questions, provide encouragement, and connect you with the services you may need, including the one-on-one support of a personal BEA Mentor.

Contact the BEA hotline at 866.844.HEAR (4327)

Talk to Someone Who has Been in Your Shoes

At times, everyone needs a friend who’s been in the same shoes and can offer words of encouragement from personal experience.

Connect with a BEA Mentor and ask a question about you or your child’s journey to hearing with cochlear implants. All of our mentors, whether a recipient, parent, or loved one of a recipient, live vital and varied lives, but have one thing in common: they want to lend their expertise, experience, and support to you.

Attend an Event

The BEA often hosts regional events where you can meet others on the same journey to hearing with cochlear implants. Make new friends and keep up to date on the latest news by signing up for an event or seminar today.

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With over thousands of registered members and growing by the day, HearingJourney is the largest cochlear implant community. Join today to chat, laugh, and share stories with others across the globe about cochlear implants and hearing loss.

From HearingJourney, you can access The Listening Room, AB’s one-of-a-kind online resource that provides a foundation of interactive, uniquely designed practice activities in English to improve listening skills so that communicating with others is a successful experience.

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