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Autumn 2011

  • Autumn 2011 Introduction
  • Neptune™: The World’s First Swimmable Processor
  • ClearVoice™ and Dynamic FM
  • Neptune Patient Programming with SoundWave™ 2.1
  • The Bionic Ear Association – Your Support Network
  • Waterproof Hearing with AB Changes Lives
  • NepTUNES
  • Musical Journey
  • Janice’s Journey Around The World

Spring 2011

  • Spring 2011 Introduction
  • Paediatric Accessories – Helping Little Ears Hear Big
  • The Harmony Processor Upgrade Now Available for C1 Receipients
  • A Leap Forward in Patient Programming
  • My Journey Back to Sound
  • Stay Connected: BEA UK on Facebook
  • ClearVoice and Music: A Unique Musical Experience
  • 1000th AB User in France
  • UK Cochlear Implant Information Days

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