Proven Phonak Wireless Technology

Already the choice of over half a million hearing aid users, the Phonak ComPilot accessory also provides wireless streaming to one or two processors or both a processor and a compatible Phonak hearing aid. It is the only all-in-one hands-free streaming device and remote control with voice alerts. With one touch of a button, the ComPilot streams calls and media from any Bluetooth-enabled device to help you hear in any situation.

Phonak ComPilot

Connect to phones, MP3 players, computers, and tablets to communicate with confidence, stream your favorite tunes, and listen with comfort.

Phonak TVLink II

Listen to the television at the most comfortable volume for you and others watching with you.

Phonak RemoteMic

Chat one-on-one with ease, even in noisy situations or at a distance.


Participate in meetings, conferences, and lectures when understanding every detail matters the most, even in extreme noise.

AB myPilot

Offers status information and one-touch changes to programs, volume, and sensitivity settings.

Your Gateway to a World of Wireless Connectivity

“I am really amazed at how easy it is to use the phone with the ComPilot. I can lay the phone down on the passenger seat in my car and listen to the conversation through both ears now without holding the phone up to my ear. It’s a great safety feature while driving and it’s really amazing how clearly I can hear.”

Deborah Stroud, AB recipient

“The ComPilot is phenomenal. I’m a techie, so it fits right into my lifestyle. I was using it to listen to music on my Mac while doing some work in a coffee shop when some people asked me what it was. When I explained it to them and described all the features that it has — Bluetooth, FM capabilities, and the auxiliary port — they said that they were jealous!”

Michael Lambert, AB recipient

“We’re so thrilled that the relationship between Phonak and AB has resulted in the Naída CI Processor and the ComPilot, which allows Teddy to hear music, his computer, and his phone in both ears at the same time!”

Kerri Hicks, mother of AB recipient Teddy

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AB Product Warranty

Advanced Bionics provides comprehensive warranties on products and accessories to keep you or your child hearing the world around you.