The Auria Sound Processor

A Lightweight Solution to Deliver HiRes Sound

The AuriaTM behind-the-ear (BTE) sound processor helps AB recipients hear all of life’s details. As lightweight as the Harmony, the Auria is designed to deliver HiResolution (HiRes) Sound for an improved hearing experience.


Auria Features

Offering the same colors and many of the same accessories as the Harmony, the Auria maximizes comfort, convenience, and functionality.

The World of Sound in Detail

Auria is compatible with an array of lifestyles. Its lightweight, design is complemented by some of AB’s most sophisticated technological advancements. Recipients using the Auria sound processor enjoy:

HiResolution™ (HiRes) Sound

Developed to provide a richer and more accurate representation of sound than delivered by previous technology. HiRes sound is intended to make speech easier to understand in difficult environments and make music more enjoyable.


Adapts dynamically to every environment, automatically adjusting volume levels to optimize hearing, so you can concentrate on listening instead of making adjustments to your sound processor.

Wide IDR (Input Dynamic Range)

Designed to enable you or your child to better hear soft speech, speech in noise, and the details of music.

Auria Technical Specifications

Sound Processing
BTE Microphone:Frequency Range 150Hz–8000Hz
Audio Sound Capture:12 bit oversampled four times for effective 13 bit, 78 dB
Input Dynamic Range:20 dB–80 dB programmable (60 dB default)
Effective Audio Sampling Rate:17.4 kHz
Sensitivity:+/- 10 dB
Stimulation Rate:136 pps–83,000 pps
Spectral Bands:1–16 bands
Supported Strategies:HiRes-S, HiRes-P, CIS, MPS
Telemetry:Continuous bidirectional


Processor Colors:Beige, Silver, and Dark Sienna
Program Switch:Three program positions
Volume Dial:+/- 100% electrical dynamic range
T-Coil:External accessory (accessed via Direct Connect earhook)
Auxiliary Input:Auria T-Mic Microphone, Direct Connect, FireFly, and iConnect Earhooks
Operating Temperature Range:0° to 45°C/32° to 113°F (non-condensing)
Storage Temperature Range:-20° to 55°C/-4° to 131°F

Power Operating Time
PowerCel Slim:Average 9 hours
PowerCel Plus:Average 16 hours

Implant Compatibility
ICS:HiRes 90K, CII Bionic Ear

Processor and Headpiece:3-year manufacturer warranty

T-Mic Microphone

AB’s Auria sound processor features the patented T-Mic Microphone, which places the microphone at the opening of the ear canal for more natural hearing. The T-Mic helps you or your child:

  • Hear better in noisy settings 
  • Use phones like everyone else
  • Enjoy wireless connectivity to popular consumer electronics devices

Easy Connectivity

Effortlessly change earhooks with Auria’s quick-connect system. All Auria earhooks are available in standard and small sizes to comfortably fit your, or your child’s, ear.

  • T-Mic - The only cochlear implant microphone placed naturally at the ear, the T-Mic is designed to offer highly focused hearing while providing wireless connectivity to cell phones, MP3 players, and other battery-powered audio devices.
  • iConnect - The iConnectTM provides a cable-free connection to the most commonly used FM systems in schools, such as Phonak Dynamic FM.
  • Direct Connect - The plug-and-play Direct ConnectTM accessory connects directly to electronic devices, including MP3 players, FM systems, and other audio devices via a 3.5-mm stereo jack and audio cable.
  • Standard Earhook - The standard earhook is available to hold the processor on your ear if you utilize the built-in microphone on the Auria processor.
  • Auria FireFlyTM Diagnostic Indicator-earhook that helps parents and teachers confirm that the processor is fully powered and functioning as designed.
  • Auria T-Coil - an external T-Coil option that snaps directly on to the Direct Connect earhook. The T-coil helps recipients take advantage of public and private loop systems found in meeting rooms and theaters.

Flexible Wearing Options

The Auria sound processor offers a variety of convenient and comfortable wearing options for everyone, including busy children and adults on the go.

  • All-on-the-Ear
    Comfortable behind-the-ear (BTE) wearing option
  • All-on-the-Ear with the SnuggieTM
    Comfortable and secure ear-level wearing option ideal for active children
  • All-on-the-Ear with the Bionic Buddy Critter Clip
    A fun retention tool to add security when the Auria is worn on the ear
  • Some-on-the-Ear
    Auria PowerPak
    Auria with PowerCel™ Adapter
    Wear the sound processor on-the-ear with the power option worn completely off-the-ear
  • Nothing-on-the-Ear with Kinder ClipTM
    Completely off-the-ear wearing option with a specially designed clip

User-Friendly Controls

Auria’s volume wheel provides visual markings for parents and teachers. Programs are easily changed using a three-position program switch, which makes Auria the superior choice for children and adults.

Cost-Effective Power Options

Auria’s easy-to-change rechargeable batteries slide on quickly and are long-lasting, operating for years before needing replacement. Power options for the Auria sound processor include the PowerCel Slim, PowerCel Plus, PowerCel Adapter, and an off-the-ear PowerPak.

Water Resistance - Guaranteed

Like Harmony, the Auria sound processor design features a two-fold water protection system. The outer case is designed to shed moisture and resist water penetration, and the internal electronics have a special coating applied to act as an additional waterproof barrier.

Sleek Headpiece Design

Auria’s sleek headpiece is small, discreet, and easy to conceal. Its ultra-light weight design offers comfort, convenience, and retention. Multiple interchangeable snap-on accent caps help receipients personalize their Auria to fit their style.

Auria Accessories

Auria’s accessories are designed to ensure the sound processor’s optimum performance. Customizable accessories give you or your child the freedom to personalize the look and even the way you wear your Auria!

  • Choose from thousands of Skinit® designs to make a fashion statement
  • Use caps and covers to make your processor blend with your hair or skin tone, match your outfit, or express your personal style
  • The Auria Huggie comes with the Auria PowerPak to help keep the processor on the ear
  • The Kinder ClipTM gives adults and children the option of wearing their Auria completely off-the-ear
  • AB’s SnuggieTM provides a secure fit of the processor to the ear for active children
  • The System Sensor, a handheld pediatric diagnostic tool, helps parents and teachers confirm that the Auria is communicating with the implant and that the power source is operational

    Contact AB for additional accessories.

Helping Little Ears Hear Big

Auria is designed to help children hear the full spectrum of sound. As with all AB processors, Auria is Built Kid ToughTM, with:

  • Flexible wearing options that adapt to your child’s needs from infancy to adulthood
  • Advanced water protection that’s guaranteed
  • Fully programmable childproof controls that are easy to see and use
  • Environmentally friendly, “green” battery options that are easy to change, rechargeable, and cost effective
  • Accessories like the Kinder Clip, Snuggie, and Auria Huggie are designed to allow more freedom of movement
  • FM compatibility for easy use in classrooms

    Plus, AB cochlear implant systems feature a fully upgradeable design so that your child can take advantage of sound processing and product innovations - without the need for additional surgery!