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You are constantly moving from one environment to another, encountering different levels of sound from one moment to the next. AB’s AutoSound™ OS technology adapts automatically and intelligently to the sound around you, making any adjustments necessary so you hear your best wherever you go. There is no need to change any settings or controls. From airports to offices, parties to playgrounds, AB’s innovations in automation mean that your hearing is ideal for every listening setting.

  • Understand speech easily in quiet or in noise
  • Enjoy music and understand song lyrics clearly
  • Hear comfortably in wind or in the presence of sudden, loud noises
  • Follow conversations effortlessly in cars, trains, or buses.

Speech in Quiet

In quiet environments, you want to hear speech clearly and comfortably, without the enhancements designed for hearing in noise. AutoSound™ OS technology automatically analyzes the level of sound around you and uses the most appropriate technology for your current surroundings.


Speech in Noise

The Naída CI Q90 processor includes the most advanced technology
 available for hearing speech in noise. AutoSound™ OS technology 
automatically adapts to your changing environment to help you follow a
 conversation even when you're surrounded by noise.



The AutoSound™ OS technology in your Naída CI Q90 processors helps
 you get the most enjoyment from listening to your favorite music. The
 automatic features in your Naída CI Q90 processors provide the greatest 
sound resolution available so you hear all the rich layers of the music you love.



Carrying on a conversation in a car can be challenging. The traffic and
 engine noise, combined with the inability to face the person you are 
talking to, makes listening difficult. AutoSound™ OS technology works
 automatically to help you hear better with features that reduce distracting
 noise and that focus on speakers to your side, back, or front.


Comfort in Noise

Being in noisy places, like crowded restaurants or busy streets, can be
 uncomfortable, even when you're not following conversations. With AutoSound™ OS technology, your Naída CI Q90 processors automatically
 adapt to noisy environments, providing greater comfort and better hearing.


Comfort in Wind

The ability to hear your best in any environment is a key benefit of
 the Naída CI Q90. At times, wind creates unpleasant, distracting noise.
 AutoSound™ OS technology includes a feature that automatically detects and reduces the effect of high wind noise for greater comfort outdoors.


Comfort in Sudden Noise

Sudden loud sounds can be jarring and uncomfortable. AutoSound™ OS 
technology includes a feature that automatically detects and reduces the
 effects of unexpected noises, such as doors slamming and plates clanging.


“The ComPilot is phenomenal. I’m a techie, so it fits right into my lifestyle. I was using it to listen to music on my Mac while doing some work in a coffee shop when some people asked me what it was. When I explained it to them and described all the features tht it has — Bluetooth, FM capabilitites, and the auiliary port — they said that they were jealous!”
Michael Lambert, AB recipient

“We’re so thrilled that the relationship between Phonak and AB has resulted in the Naída CI Processor and the ComPilot, which allows Teddy to hear music, his computer, and his phone in both ears at the same time!”
Kerri Hicks, mother of AB recipient Teddy

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