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Experience Faster, More Efficient Fittings with SoundWave 2.2

SoundWave™ 2.2 delivers all the efficiencies hearing health professionals have come to expect from AB’s signature fitting software. Introducing Naída CI Q70 and CPI-3 compatibility, this new version also brings the convenience of remote fitting*, for improved patient care. AB continues to ensure streamlined fitting sessions for professionals and the opportunity for the best hearing outcomes for recipients.


SoundWave 2.2 provides significant data on your patients’ program and battery power usage to help you understand how your patients use programs, features, and accessories and their effect on battery power.


The information it provides may help you counsel your patients on the use of the system and evaluate any programming changes that might improve their hearing outcomes.



Datalogging allows you to:

  • Track which batteries your patient is using and review battery life calculation by capacity.
  • Determine how the Naída CI Q70 is being used on a daily basis, including programs and features usage and the volume control range.
  • View graphs that indicate the type and loudness of the environments that your patient experiences throughout the day.
  • Determine the Phonak feature usage, including the ComPilot accessory, UltraZoom, DuoPhone, and ZoomControl.
  • Use the ComPilot graph for a detailed look at how the patient has been using the ComPilot accessory, including whether your patients use the processor or remote control to change volume or programs.

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A Streamlined Solution for Patient Programming

SoundWave 2.2 builds upon the previous SoundWave platform to help deliver streamlined programming sessions that are faster, more efficient, and more convenient than ever—for both you and your patients. This premier programming software offers:

  • Remote fitting to program patients at a distance
  • Fast NRI—easier and faster to measure multiple NRI series for convenience and saving time in the clinic and OR
  • Bimodal streaming—allows clinician to program the ComPilot accessory to wirelessly stream audio to both a sound processor and hearing aid simultaneously
  • Instant access to multiple tools for quickly creating programs to best utilize AB’s advanced sound processing technologies, including HiRes Fidelity 120™**, HiRes Optima™**, and ClearVoice™**
  • Rapid programming of exclusive Phonak features, including UltraZoom, QuickSync, Direct Touch, ZoomControl and DuoPhone, as well as AB myPilot and ComPilot connectivity accessories
  • Convenient battery life estimator to determine the best power option for individual hearing needs

New & Improved Interface

AB’s all-new CPI-3 interface comes in a portable, compact package with fewer cables, making it easier than ever to test, store, and setup for programming.

The Best in Bilateral Fitting

Together with the new CPI-3, the SoundWave 2 Series delivers industry-leading efficiencies in the programming of bilateral patients. This pioneering platform provides professionals with the exclusive ability to fit both sides simultaneously with real-time feedback from patients.

  • Ability to connect two processors to one interface for a quicker, more streamlined setup
  • Complete access to all the controls needed for bilateral fitting
  • Independent adjustment of one channel at a time or global adjustment of both ears simultaneously
  • Easy changes to both programs without needing to turn stimulation off and on
  • Standard USB connection compatibility



*Not approved for remote fitting in the United States.

**Not approved for pediatric use in the United States.

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