Tools for Schools

These important resources are designed to help children with cochlear implants succeed in the classroom. In addition to supporting a child’s listening and language development, Advanced Bionics Tools for Schools™ help assure you that your students’ cochlear implant system is functioning properly at school.

Educational Support

AB makes it simple for schools to help a children succeed in the classroom, through a variety of valuable resources, including posters, articles, Candidate Reference Cards, School Communication Logs, and more.

Product Information

Product guides will help you become familiar with operating a child’s sound processor.

Troubleshooting Guides

Discover the Keys to Early Success

Tools for ToddlersTM provides free resources that help parents chronicle, support, and enhance their young child’s journey to hearing. From early intervention logs to literacy strategies to exploring communication options, these downloadable tools can help facilitate early language development.

Addison's Academic Success

“The ability to hear so clearly with her cochlear implants allows her to participate in group projects in the classroom and she doesn’t feel different or left out. With bilaterals, she is really able to hear everything that is going on all around the classroom. She doesn’t seem to have to focus too much on where the speaker is located.”

Rachelle Blackmon, mother of Addison, implanted at age 19 months, bilaterally implanted at age 7

Learn about the HiResolution™ Bionic Ear System

AB offers solutions to help children connect to the world of sound.

Educational webinars

Learning to listen with a cochlear implant is an exciting journey for your child. Advanced Bionics supports your journey to better hearing by providing live and recorded webinars on a variety of topics related to hearing loss and cochlear implants.

The Listening Room™ provides you with a foundation of interactive and uniquely designed practice activities to support the development of speech, language, and listening skills in children.