Everyone at AB Puts You First

AB employees are unwavering in their commitment to keep recipients the number-one priority. AB’s Quality System is embodied by every employee across the globe, each taking personal and strong responsibilities to ensure patient safety and well-being. This corporate culture sets AB apart.

Penny Prioritizes Patient Care

“I DO improve the quality of patient care. I have laughed and choked back more than a few tears as I listened to, and talked with recipients. At the end of the day, real people are impacted by what I do, and that is an awesome privilege and responsibility.”

Penny Burch, Sr. Buyer/Planner, Purchasing, Joined AB in 2006


AB Quality System

AB’s outstanding and robust Quality System is designed to deliver unsurpassed product performance and reliability. All employees at AB are firmly dedicated to this Quality System.

Inspiration Comes from Making a Difference

AB employees are inspired by cochlear implant recipients and consider it a privilege to provide products that improve quality of life for those affected by severe-to-profound hearing loss.