Whether you or your child is a cochlear implant candidate, embarking on your journey to hearing, Advanced Bionics gives you all the support and information you need to make the miracle of hearing restoration a reality.

If you or your child was born with severe-to-profound hearing loss, experienced sudden hearing loss, or does not receive benefits from hearing aids, an AB cochlear implant system may be an effective solution. The journey to hearing with cochlear implants will be a rewarding, life-changing experience that improves quality of life and connects you or your child to your loved ones and the world around you.

Scott's Journey to Hearing

“Some of my wow moments include being able to use the headset on self-guided tours, hearing a cat purr, hearing my two-month-old baby girl giggle, almost stepping on a rattle snake, but hearing the rattle warning in time, and the realization I am losing my ability to lip read because I don't need to read lips to understand anymore.”

Scott Moulton, implanted at age 31, bilaterally implanted at age 33

A Solution Beyond Hearing Aids

It’s important to understand the difference between cochlear implants and hearing aids. Hearing aids merely amplify sound, which does not necessarily make it clearer or easier to understand.

Cochlear implants are medical devices that restore the sense of hearing. Considered a medical miracle by many physicians, the cochlear implant is the only device that restores one of the five senses.

If you or your child has severe-to-profound hearing loss, AB’s implantable hearing solution may be the next step. While hearing loss may leave you or your child feeling isolated and hopeless, AB’s cochlear implant system can reconnect you with life and the loved ones around you.

Discover the Next Steps

Learn how AB’s cochlear implant systems can change your life or the life of your child. From determining your candidacy or your child's, to implantation and recovery, to hearing the first sounds with your cochlear implant, AB makes the process easy by helping you with each and every step along your journey to hearing.

No One Journeys Alone

At this very moment, children and adults around the globe are hearing sounds they’ve never heard before thanks to an Advanced Bionics cochlear implant system. AB has been part of the journey to hearing for tens of thousands of families and individuals, from implantation and recovery to initial activation and beyond. AB will be by your side every step of the way.

Don't wait a moment longer to fully experience and understand intimate conversations, important classroom lessons, exhilarating music, and all the beautiful sounds and noises that comprise life’s rich soundtrack.

Choosing the Right Cochlear Implant

Selecting the right cochlear implant system for you or your child is an important, life-changing decision. For something as critical as your ability to hear, you want the company that provides the best in quality, performance, and service.

From industry-leading technology, superior sound processing, and innovative products designed for all ages and lifestyles, to world-class customer service and community support, AB is the clear choice for a lifetime of hearing your best.


Support You Can Rely On

AB understands that navigating the journey to hearing can be daunting. We offer a community of support through the Bionic Ear Association (BEA),, and our customer service team.

The BEA helps you learn from the experience of others and provides an opportunity to network with cochlear implant recipients. is the #1 online cochlear implant forum, giving you a place to chat, laugh, and share stories about cochlear implants and hearing loss.

AB’s customer service team is always there for you, your family, your audiologist, teacher, or your therapist, even after implantation and activation. We recognize that access to service and support is important to your success as a cochlear implant recipient.

It’s What’s Inside that Counts

AB’s implant was designed to leave room for future, untapped technology. That means you or your child will benefit from the world’s most superior performance today and upgradeability for hearing tomorrow.

AB is the Industry Leader in Technology Innovations

Always innovating, AB has pioneered many industry-leading technology advancements designed to be the most like normal hearing. As you begin the journey to hearing your best, choose the company that continues to focus on innovations that improve your hearing experience.

Only AB Offers Phonak Binaural VoiceStream Technology™

AB is the only manufacturer that offers Phonak Binaural VoiceStream Technology™. With just one touch, advanced Phonak features deliver volume adjustments, program changes, speech, and phone calls simultaneously to both processors providing in sync hearing for two ears.

Only AB Offers AccessLine™ Connectivity

With the AccessLine™ accessories, AB provides the industry’s best access to today’s consumer electronics for staying connected to the media that entertains you, the music that moves you, and the people who love you.

Only AB Offers the T-Mic Microphone

AB’s patented T-MicTM and T-Mic 2 offer the only cochlear implant microphone placed naturally at the opening of the ear for highly focused hearing while providing wireless connectivity to cell phones, MP3 players, and more. Imagine putting on your headphones and enjoy your favorite music while working out!

Only AB Offers ClearVoice™

AB’s breakthrough ClearVoice* sound processing, built on our revolutionary HiRes Fidelity 120TM* technology, is designed to help you or your child hear speech better for more effective, more confident communication.

ClearVoice can now be combined with the Phonak UltraZoom feature.

*Not approved for pediatric patients in the United States.


Only AB Offers HiRes Fidelity 120™

HiRes Fidelity 120TM * is the clearest, most accurate sound with five times more resolution than any other cochlear implant system. HiRes Fidelity 120 helps you hear the details in music and many other important sounds like waves crashing on the beach, the inflections of a child’s voice, or boots crunching in the snow.

*Not approved for pediatric patients in the United States.

Only AB Offers AutoSound™

AutoSoundTM has the widest programmable sound range that automatically adapts to your surroundings, just like a normal-hearing ear, so there’s no fumbling with dials, switches, or remote controls to continually make adjustments for changing sound environments. Hear your best while walking from a bustling sidewalk into a quiet restaurant without adjusting your processor.

Only AB Offers lifestyle™ Wearing Options

AB offers the industry’s most flexible wearing styles to meet recipient needs. With the introduction of Naída CI Q70 (Naída CI), the market’s first featherlite, instyle™ design has arrived. Slim and trim, Naída CI sound processors are incredibly lightweight for barely noticeable on and off-ear wearing. For those who prefer to wear nothing on the ear, the Neptune™ processor features the only freestyle™ design giving you the freedom to choose your wearing style—in your hair, on your arm, under your collar, on your pocket—without compromising performance.

Learn about the HiResolution™ Bionic Ear System

AB offers solutions to help you reconnect to the world of sound.

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