Getting a Cochlear Implant

When you embark on your journey to hearing, you can trust that AB’s supportive community of hearing healthcare professionals and volunteer recipients will encourage, inform, and support you every step of the way.

Deb's Journey into Hearing

“A bunch of 6- and 7-year-olds were in the backseat of my car chatting as I drove them to the movies. Without lip reading, I was able to follow their conversation about a test they took. I couldn’t do this sort of thing before.”

Deb Lenihan, implanted at age 36

How a Cochlear Implant Works

A cochlear implant is a medical device that allows many people with hearing loss to hear better once again. Many who’ve never heard sound before experience hearing for the very first time. Watch how cochlear implants can restore the sense of hearing.

No One Journeys Alone

AB understands the stress and emotions that come with hearing loss, so we strive to make your journey to hearing as easy as possible. From helping you determine candidacy and get your hearing assessed to assisting with financing to standing by your side throughout implantation, recovery, activation, and beyond, AB is there for you every step of the way.



Step 1: Get the Support You Need to Succeed

The Bionic Ear Association (BEA) connects you to knowledgeable hearing health professionals as well as cochlear implant recipients and parents of recipients who offer one-on-one support throughout your journey to hearing. The BEA provides a wonderful opportunity to learn from the experiences of others and request your own personal mentor.

In addition to connecting to your personal BEA Mentor, you can join AB’s - the #1 online cochlear implant forum providing a place to chat, laugh, and share stories about cochlear implants and hearing loss. Get all of your questions answered from recipients across the globe.

Step 2: Find Out if You're a Candidate

After taking our candidacy quiz, get evaluated by a hearing health professional at your nearest clinic. Your audiologist will perform tests to determine whether you are a cochlear implant candidate.


Step 3: Get Financing

AB is here to help you navigate the process of choosing, financing, and living with cochlear implants. Funding possibilities and insurance coverage differ from country to country. Please contact your nearest cochlear implant center or the AB office in your region for more information.

Step 4: Schedule Implantation and Activation

If you are a cochlear implant candidate, your hearing health practicioner will schedule you for implantation and initial activation to begin hearing the first sounds with your cochlear implant. It won’t be long before you’re hearing your best with AB.

Step 5: Improve Your Hearing

Learning to listen again with a cochlear implant is an exciting and rewarding journey. The Listening RoomTM provides you with a foundation of interactive and uniquely designed practice activities in English to maximize your hearing experience so that understanding and communicating with others is both successful and enjoyable.