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AB is here to help you every step of the way. Selecting the right company and cochlear implant system for you or your child will help make the journey as rewarding as possible. This comprehensive library of downloadable brochures, articles, newsletters, studies, white papers, and more is designed to provide you with the information you need to make the best decision for you and your family.

Informational Brochures to Help You on Your Journey

Journey to Hearing

Journey to Hearing Course Catalog

Introduction to Cochlear Implants

This 30-minute introductory presentation includes a video demonstration of how a cochlear implant works and resources to support learning and getting a cochlear implant. This session is valuable to anyone considering a cochlear implant for themselves or a family member. A transcript of the presentation is included and audio is available via the speakers on your computer or headset.

What Parents Need to Know About Early Implantation – Candidacy, Benefits and Performance

Presenter: Edie Gibson, AuD

As a parent, you need to make an informed decision about choosing a cochlear implant for your child. This course provides information about candidacy, benefits and performance outcomes for children implanted at a young age. Web class, 60 mintues.

Cochlear Implants: Considerations for the Older Adult

Presenter: Carissa Moeggenberg, MA, CCC-A with special guest Evelyn Gardner, cochlear implant recipient

Is a cochlear implant the right choice for you? Learn about what a cochlear implant is, how it works and who is a candidate through this live one-hour web class.


Bilateral Cochlear Implants: The Natural Choice for Adults

Event Speaker: Cathryn Luckoski with Guest Recipient Howard Samuels

Find out if you may be a candidate for bilateral cochlear implants. Hear first-hand accounts from those who know best, cochlear implant recipients and their families.


Bilateral Cochlear Implants: The Natural Choice for Children

It’s no surprise that two ears hear better than one. Learn about how using cochlear implants in both ears (bilateral cochlear implants) gives you or your child the best opportunity to hear more naturally.


Learn about the HiResolution™ Bionic Ear System

AB offers solutions to help you reconnect to the world of sound.

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