The Harmony Processor Upgrade Now Available for C1 Receipients

— by Kezia Hills

Advanced Bionics is pleased to introduce the Harmony™ behind-the-ear (BTE) sound processor for C1.0 and C1.2 cochlear implant recipients. Harmony is AB’s most sophisticated sound processing system, designed to deliver the best hearing experience possible. Superior hearing with Harmony can translate into better learning, stronger connections with family and friends, and a fuller appreciation of life’s incredible soundtrack.

The Harmony for C1.0 and C1.2 recipients will be available in Europe with the launch of SoundWave 2.0 fitting software. In anticipation of the release, a number of centres in Europe have had the opportunity to take part in the first phase of Harmony upgrades for C1 recipients using a special software release. This has enabled over 350 users to successfully upgrade to Harmony in Europe.

C1 sound-processing strategies (CIS, MPS, SAS) are all supported by Harmony, providing an easier upgrade with numerous advantages. Users are able to benefit from improved front-end processing in the sound processor, while the separate volume and program controls provide greater ease of use. The diagnostic LED makes troubleshooting easier, which is further enhanced by the compatibility with the Harmony Listening Check for expanded troubleshooting. The Harmony Listening Check was featured in the last edition of AB Insight and is included in the Paediatric Harmony Patient Kits by default.

The quick connect system makes changing ear hooks effortless and facilitates direct connection to today’s latest technologies and gadgets. For example, Harmony features the iConnect™, which provides a cable-free connection to the most commonly used FM systems in schools. Harmony can be worn fully on the ear with a comfortable behind-the-ear option that features a sleek and convenient design. For small ears and active lifestyles, it can be worn partially or completely off-the-ear using the new Harmony PowerCel™ Adapter or KinderClip™.

Battery life with Harmony for C1.0 and C1.2 recipients was expected to be similar to the recipient’s previous processor. Advanced Bionics recommend the use of the PowerCel™ Plus with the Harmony for C1, which gives an average of 7 hours battery life.

As the upgrade is performed using a simple change of programming software, most patients needed no change to their previous programs and quickly adapted to the upgrade.

If you have a C1 generation implant and are interested in upgrading to Harmony, please contact your local cochlear implant centre for more information.


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