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AB in Australia and New Zealand

With the arrival of Advanced Bionics, Australians and New Zealanders with hearing loss have been quick to take advantage of the superior technology provided by the industry leader in innovation.

The significant benefits provided by AB and Phonak technology have helped local recipients reconnect with family, loved ones, and friends. Here, some of our local recipients describe the ways hearing their best in every situation has changed their lives.

Chatting in a Busy Restaurant

Before I got my cochlear implant…

“I was unable to enjoy the things people take for granted—the environment I was in, the view, the food—as I was too busy concentrating on trying to understand speech and follow the conversation.”

Now that I have my Advanced Bionics cochlear implant…

“My social life has improved remarkably. I actually enjoy going out now. I’m not hesitant to socialize and can participate a lot more in conversations with friends and family.”

Bonding with Family

Before I got my cochlear implant…

“It was very frustrating that I could not appreciate my surroundings without having to focus on facial expressions and I couldn’t communicate without loud speech.”

Now that I have my Advanced Bionics cochlear implant…

“I can look at the scenery and the beautiful views in the area I live in and still communicate. Most of all. I can hear when precious thoughts are spoken.”

Connecting Over the Phone

Before I got my cochlear implant…

“When the phone or mobile rang, I was afraid to answer them because of the challenge of not understanding or even knowing who was talking. I was very frustrated and cranky with myself. It was that difficult I was going to close my business of 25 years…”

Now that I have my Advanced Bionics cochlear implant…

“I certainly have entered back into the land of the hearing again, and I am improving all the time. Business is good as I have changed my outlook and I have created a new business management plan and intend to keep my profession going. I have my confidence back.”

Managing a Hearing Clinic

Before I got my cochlear implant…

“I was not communicating well at all, which affected my rapport with my clients, my attitude, and my personality. I definitely was at a stage in my life I had to do something as I was becoming unbearable to work and to live with.”

Now that I have my Advanced Bionics cochlear implant…

“Confidence returned and I can now operate my business professionally, with renewed empathy for my clients and the hearing impaired.”

Using the AquaCase™ Enclosure at the Beach

Before I got my cochlear implant…

“I had been in surf lifesaving clubs for over 30 years and I was aware I could not hear anybody screaming out for help. Also, I wasn’t able to hear if there was a shark alarm, which is important. I was too attentive to those issues to really enjoy my time in the surf…”

Now that I have my Advanced Bionics cochlear implant…

“All the things I love doing in and around the water—surfing, using a wave ski, body surfing or just making sand castles on the beach with my grandchildren—are so much more enjoyable.”

In Summary

“To put it briefly, I have my life back. I do not have to think twice or make up an excuse to avoid attending business conferences, club meetings, or socials.

To realize how precious hearing is and to be able to rediscover the life I once had. I am so grateful for the AB technology that has made this transition possible. My AB implant has changed my life.”

— Steve, AB recipient, Australia

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A Day in the Life