Communicating at Home and at School

I was implanted with my first Advanced Bionics cochlear implant when I was two years old…

“After getting the Naída CI Q70 sound processor, my batteries last much longer. They don't run out in the evening when we're having dinner, playing games, or watching TV. I can now stay up till midnight without them running out! As I discovered recently during a sleep over.

My AB cochlear implants and the Naída CI Q70 sound processor help me hear conversations better at the table. Also, when I'm with friends at school it helps me hear better what they're talking about. It used to be very annoying when I didn't hear them and asked, 'What did you say?', and they’d go 'never mind'."

Participating in Gymnastics

“Without my AB cochlear implants I couldn't do cheerleading, since it's performed to music. The implants and my Naída CI Q70 sound processors help me hear the teacher better. And my new Roger™ Pen helps me stay on track (within the count of the music) at competitions.

With my AB cochlear implants, I can hear my friends, do what they do, and HAVE FUN!”

— Floor, AB recipient, New Zealand

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