A Day in the Life: Excercise, Cooking, and Listening to Music

Local AB recipient Aisha is a chef in training, and a music fan. Here she describes in her own words how AB’s innovative technologies have helped her get even more enjoyment from the activities that fill her day.

Making Exercise More Fun

Before I got my cochlear implant…

“I would still do my exercises as I was very independent. Not being able to hear all the sounds around me didn’t worry me.”

Now that I have my Advanced Bionics cochlear implant…

“I can now enjoy the sounds of nature, like birds chirping, while I exercise, and, importantly, I can hear the cars going past.”

Something’s Cooking in the Kitchen – 
Training to be a Chef

Before I got my cochlear implant…

“it was pretty difficult to hear due to the background noise and the different accents of the people in the class.”

Now that I have my Advanced Bionics cochlear implant…

“it has helped a lot. I find it much easier to pick up different sounds around the kitchen and I am able to better communicate now, which makes me more confident.”

Tuning In

Before I got my cochlear implant…


“I found the sounds I heard over the phone weird and uncomfortable. I used to listen to music with my headphones, and thought it wasn’t too bad.”


Now that I have my Advanced Bionics

cochlear implant…


“Hearing music via the ComPilot is beautiful. The music is very clear and I no longer have to put the volume to the maximum level.”

Summing it Up

“I can hear so much clearer and sounds are much richer. My AB cochlear implant has really built my confidence in all aspects of my life.”

— Aisha, AB recipient, Australia

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A Day in the Life