Life in All Terrains

Before I got my cochlear implant…

“Sailing was tough with just hearing aids as voices tend to get lost in the wind noise, and I didn't receive much information from my hearing aids due to the limited nature of my hearing. This was in addition to having to manage the fragility of my hearing aids when it came to the effects of salt and moisture.”

Now that I have my Advanced Bionics cochlear implant…

“With my cochlear implant, voices are much clearer and easier to understand. Not having to worry about my Neptune™ processor getting wet is a huge plus when it comes to being active.”


“Work and social life have been much easier since I got my cochlear implant, especially when it comes to large groups of people. A combination of increased sensitivity to more distant speakers in a large group and an ability to selectively listen while using the directional hearing capabilities of my Naída CI Q70 processor have assisted in understanding speech and obtaining as much information as possible.

The biggest impact of having my CI has been the fact I can be a good listener for once... if I choose to! This is compared to having to direct the flow of conversation to be able to anticipate what is said, like I used to with hearing aids.”

— Lloyd, AB recipient, Australia

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