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Advanced Bionics provides a comprehensive range of products designed to meet your needs and your lifestyle. Our cochlear implant system (CI) offers more ways to hear than any other CI. And every aspect of our CI has been optimized for clarity, comfort, ease of use, and reliability—allowing you to hear your best.

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Advanced Bionics is a leader and pioneer in the field of hearing and cochlear implant technology, holding over 400 patents.

Naída CI Sound Processor

Designed for performance.


The cochlear implant system captures the sound around you with one or more microphones. Advanced Bionics has microphones on the front and back of the processor, in the headpiece and positioned at the opening of the ear canal.


Our sound processors use the industry’s most advanced technology to make hearing easier and include the only sound processing strategy in the industry recognized by the FDA to improve speech understanding in noise.


Processed sound is transmitted through the headpiece to the implant. Advanced Bionics implant systems feature the most advanced sound processing circuitry in the world, with programming flexibility that provides nearly unlimited ways to deliver sound.

The human ear is designed to process an amazing range of sound detail from many different environments. Cochlear implants from Advanced Bionics are designed to deliver access to every one of those details—intensity, frequency, pitch, duration, etc.—allowing you to enjoy a full world of sound.

The Naída CI sound processor is a small, lightweight external device that connects to the implant headpiece. The processor provides unique, groundbreaking features proven to help you effortlessly hear better in any environment.

The perfect combination.

The integration of both Phonak and Advanced Bionics technology in our Naída CI ensures your system will deliver incredibly powerful sound. Phonak’s leading hearing aid technology constantly evaluates environmental sounds and automatically applies special sound cleaning features that help you hear your best.

Two ear hearing with Naída.

The Naída CI sound processor is the only cochlear implant system capable of automatically establishing a wireless network with devices on the other ear. By sharing audio signals with another Naída CI or a Phonak hearing aid, Naída makes sure you hear speech more clearly in background noise and on the phone.

If you have a Naída CI, and some hearing in the other ear, the Phonak Naída™ Link could give you the ideal listening experience because it is the only hearing aid designed to treat sound in the same way as your Naída CI sound processor.

Variety of colors.

Choose from a variety of colors, including Velvet Black, Caribbean Pirate, Sand Beige, Princess Pink, and Silver Gray color options.*

*Color options vary by region. Ask your audiologist to view what’s available to you.





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