Harmony Sound Processor

The HarmonyTM behind-the-ear (BTE) sound processor uses sophisticated technology to help you – or your child – hear your best at work, at school, or at play. When you hear the world’s full spectrum of sound, you have the opportunity to enjoy stronger connections with loved ones, make faster progress in language development, and offer greater contributions in the workplace. 

"With the Harmony processor you can just put it on and you don’t have to worry about it for the rest of the day. The functionality is great. The Harmony has programming flexibility that the other implants don’t have.”

— Danielle Paquin, AB Recipient

Harmony Processor Features

The Harmony processor uses advanced technology designed to deliver outstanding hearing for you or your child.

T-Mic Microphone for More Natural Hearing

AB’s Harmony processor features the patented T-MicTM Microphone, which places the microphone at the opening of the ear canal for more natural hearing. The T-Mic helps you or your child to hear better in noisy settings, use phones like everyone else, and enjoy wireless connectivity to popular consumer battery powered electronics devices. 

Easy Connectivity

AB offers the only system with simple, quick connectivity. All Harmony earhooks are available in standard and small sizes to comfortably fit your or your child’s ear.

  •  T-Mic™: The naturally placed T-Mic Microphone is the most ideal option for everyday listening situations. There are no cumbersome cables or wires that get in the way.
  • iConnect: The iConnectTM provides a cable-free connection to the most commonly used FM systems in schools, such as Phonak Dynamic FM.
  • Direct Connect: The plug-and-play Direct ConnectTM accessory connects directly to battery-powered electronic devices, including MP3 players, FM systems, and other audio devices via a 3.5-mm stereo jack and audio cable.
  • Standard Earhook: The standard earhook is available to hold the processor on your ear if you utilize the built-in microphone on the Harmony processor.
  • Built-in T-Coil: A built-in feature of Harmony that may be programmed to provide easy wireless connectivity to inductive-loop systems and compatible telephones.

Flexible Wearing Options

The Harmony sound processor offers a variety of convenient and comfortable wearing options for everyone, including active children and adults on the go.

Nothing-on-the-Ear (NOTETM) with Kinder ClipTM

  • Completely off the ear option with a specially designed clip, ideal for little ones


Harmony with PowerCelTM Adapter

  • Wear the sound processor on-the-ear and the battery completely off-the-ear. This bilateral-ready option is also capable of powering two Harmony processors from a single battery for added comfort and convenience.


  • Comfortable behind-the-ear (BTE) wearing option

All-on-the-Ear with the SnuggieTM

  • Comfortable and secure ear-level wearing option ideal for active children.

All-on-the-Ear with the Bionic Buddy Critter Clip

  • A fun retention tool to add security when the processor is worn on the ear.

Harmony Diagnostics

The Harmony processor’s built-in diagnostic system features a light indicator that makes it easy to determine whether the processor is functioning properly. A green light indicates that it is processing sound and is working correctly. An amber light indicates battery status.

The portable and convenient Listening CheckTM allows parents and teachers to verify that the Harmony microphone, T-Mic, or even an FM receiver is working properly when children are unable to provide this feedback themselves.

Together, these diagnostic tools help ensure you and your child are hearing all of life’s details every moment of every day. 

User-Friendly Controls

The Harmony processor’s programmable volume wheel provides visual markings for parents and teachers. Programs are easily changed using a three-position program switch, which makes Harmony the superior choice for children and adults. 

Convenient Power Options

The Harmony rechargeable batteries, the PowerCel Slim and PowerCel Plus batteries are cost effective, environmentally friendly, and easy to slide on and off.

Water Resistance - Guaranteed

The Harmony sound processor is designed with advanced two-fold water protection so that you don’t have to worry around water!

  • Harmony’s outer case is designed to shed moisture and resist water penetration.
  • A special coating applied to the internal electronics provides an additional waterproof barrier.

Comfort, Convenience, and Style

The Universal Headpiece (UHP) was developed to provide Advanced Bionics recipients with more comfort, convenience, and style options, as well as improved retention throughout the day.
• Compatible with every AB sound processor
• Features detachable cables available in varying lengths and colours to suit all recipients 
• Adjustable magnet strength designed to comfortably keep the headpiece in place
• Snap-on colour caps are available in a variety of colours for mixing and matching.

Harmony Accessories

Harmony processor accessories are designed to optimize performance and wearing comfort. With thousands of customization options to choose from, you or your child can match your Harmony to your mood or your wardrobe!

  • Choose from thousands of Skinit® designs to make a fashion statement.
  • Use caps and covers to make your processor blend with your hair or skin tone, match your outfit, or express your personal style.
  • The Kinder ClipTM gives adults and children the option of wearing their Harmony completely off-the-ear.
  • AB’s SnuggieTM provides a secure fit of the processor to the ear for active children.
  • Additional accessories for your convenience, include wallets and travel cases.

Contact AB for additional accessories. 

Hear Your Best in Real-World Settings

Just as athletes train hard to achieve their best time on race day, AB works hard to deliver performance to help you or your child enjoy the best possible hearing experience. Independent studies1-4 conducted by leading research scientists show that you or your child may hear you best with AB in:

  • Quiet environments, like libraries
  • Noisy settings, like restaurants
  • Private conversations, like when speech is as soft as a whisper
  • Group gatherings, like classrooms

Helping Children Succeed

Children begin learning to speak from the day they’re born. By age 3, they need to hear approximately 30,000 words a day to develop the language skills necessary to succeed in school.7

Without a cochlear implant, “the language gap” between children born deaf or with a hearing loss and their normal-hearing peers can continue to widen as they mature. This gap may be significantly narrowed or even closed entirely by choosing one or two bionic ears for your child.

Hear Your Best for Speech Development

Harmony’s sophisticated technology gives children the opportunity to hear their best and benefit from learning alongside their peers in a mainstream school setting. An independent study shows that during the initial six months of implant use, children with AB devices outperform children with competitive devices in developing listening and speaking abilities.8

Helping Little Ears Hear Big

The Harmony processor and accessories are designed to help children hear their best at school, on the playground, and even during rigorous sports activities.

  • Flexible wearing options that adapt to your child’s needs from infancy to adulthood
  • Advanced water protection that’s guaranteed
  • Fully programmable childproof controls that are easy to see and use
  • Environmentally friendly, “green” battery options that are easy to change, rechargeable, cost effective, and available in two sizes
  • Accessories like the Kinder Clip and Snuggie that are designed to allow more freedom of movement
  • FM compatibility for easy use in classrooms

Plus, AB cochlear implant systems feature a fully upgradeable design so that your child can take advantage of sound processing and product innovations – without the need for additional surgery! 

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