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AB is Your Hearing Health Advocate

AB is here to help you navigate the process of choosing, financing, and living with cochlear implants.

Insurance coverage differs depending on your health plan. Please contact Advanced Bionics for more information.

Evelyn’s AB Insurance Support

“Both my implants were covered by insurance. I did not pay anything for them, nor do I pay for any replacement parts if needed.”

— Evelyn Gardner, implanted at age 63, bilaterally implanted at age 64

Healthcare Provider’s Order of Cochlear Implant Products

AB is Your Insurance Advocate

AB Insurance Reimbursement Services will assist you at every step of the insurance approval process. If you would like help securing authorization, this dedicated team will advocate on your behalf, providing these important services:

  • Obtain insurance documentation
  • Verify benefits
  • Verify information for pre-authorization
  • Submit insurance and medical documentation required for authorization
  • Follow up with insurance company to check status of review
  • Obtain approval in writing 
  • Upon approval, re-verify benefits to confirm authorization 
  • Upon denial, submit appeal
  • Courtesy billing

Prior to verifying your health plan benefits, we must have this healthcare provider's order form completed on file.


Unsure of Your Coverage?

Contact Advanced Bionics if you’re uncertain whether your plan will cover your cochlear implant, processor upgrades, replacement supply, or other AB product. We’re here to help you hear your best.

Advanced Bionics Reimbursement Disclaimer

Advanced Bionics will obtain authorization from your health plan to reimburse your healthcare provider, you, or Advanced Bionics for services or items covered by an authorization. However, there is no guarantee that we will receive authorization or payment. The patient or the patient’s legal guardian remains liable for payment of services or supplies received except as otherwise provided by law.

Thank you for contacting us to assist with your hearing solutions. Count on us—a community of hearing health professionals and recipients of cochlear implants—to help you Hear and Be Heard™. A representative from Advanced Bionics will be in touch soon!

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