Stay @ Home with AB

During this unprecedented time, we should all stay at home to minimize the spread of the virus. But that shouldn’t keep us from being productive or connecting with others. 

As we all do our part to overcome this pandemic, here are some helpful resources to keep your ears and mind engaged. 

How to Disinfect Your Processor

Prevention methods such as frequent hand-washing, wearing a face covering, and social distancing, are the most effective means of protecting yourself and your CI system during the pandemic. If you are concerned that your equipment may be contaminated, check out this video to learn how to disinfect your sound processor while minimizing potential damage. It is important to note that none of these substances have been tested for use with your sound processor.

Resources for Recipients

My AB Online

This online resource for all things AB allows you to find information about your cochlear implant, our mentor networks, upcoming events, and your orders.

AB Rehab Portal
Log in to find a wide variety of online or app-based aural rehab tools to improve listening skills for all age groups.

Your Cochlear Implant Resource
This blog features stories written by CI experts, CI recipients, or parents of children with CIs, about their hearing journey and helpful articles on hearing loss and cochlear implant technology.

The Hearing Journey
This online forum is the premier place to chat, laugh, learn, and share stories about cochlear implants and hearing loss.

Resources for Professionals

AB Pro Portal

Log in for easy access to insurance status for cochlear implant candidates, product documents, forms, software, device registration, patient information, and order history and tracking.

Supporting the well-being of your patients during self-isolation
This article provides helpful tips hearing care professionals can share with patients to help keep them socially connected and engaged in healthy activities during the coronavirus outbreak.

Tools for Toddlers & Tools for Schools
Designed for parents and professionals, here are resources to help kids with hearing loss and cochlear implants get a head start and succeed in the classroom

General resources on COVID-19

World Health Organization

Get the latest updates and safety guidelines about COVID-19.

AB press release
Read AB’s statement regarding what we’re doing in light of the pandemic.


Find our recommendations to wear a face mask with a CI here: