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Charlotte Grueter
Phone: +41 79 678 26 30
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Marvel CI Virtual Media Conference

Watch AB and Phonak’s joint media conference introducing Marvel CI and Phonak Link Marvel hearing instruments held on December 16, 2020.

Recent Press Releases

Advance Bionics announces

December 10, 2020

Marvel Product Launch Press Release

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Our Story

Advanced Bionics is a global leader providing solutions for severe-to-profound hearing loss. For more than 25 years, AB has removed limitations for those otherwise isolated from the world of sound. Always focused on bringing meaningful change through innovative technology, AB has set the standard for performance, lifestyle support, and access to sound in the field of cochlear implantation. Having implanted over 100,000 ears in over 130 countries and established a track record for developing high-performing, state-of-the-art products, our team of talented scientists, engineers, audiologists and other professionals are driven to succeed, work with integrity, and stay firmly committed to quality. 

At AB, success begins with a passion for hearing restoration and is driven by our global workforce of over a thousand employees.  AB is proud to be the only U.S. based manufacturer of cochlear implants and equally proud to be a part of the larger Sonova organization. Sonova companies include brands focused on hearing aids, cochlear implants, wireless communications, and clinical service.  Together, we strive to create a world where everyone enjoys the delight of hearing and lives a life without limitations.

An Innovation Leader

Hearing loss affects millions around the world. Advanced Bionics sees a world in which there is a solution for every type and degree of hearing loss. Where everyone enjoys in the delights of hearing. Where we can all connect powerfully with the world around us.

Turning this vision into a reality requires passion. Expertise. And understanding. Every patient is different and has individual needs. Our approach to treating hearing loss must be as unique as every patient we serve.

For our patients, sound orients them. It envelops them. It inspires them. And sound connects them. Every moment, every day, is more powerful when enriched by the connections that sound makes possible.

This is why the Advanced Bionics integrated approach is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible as no other audiology company can.

AB Technology

AB is proud to be the industry leader in developing reliable, high quality, and sophisticated hearing solutions which open up the world of sound for our wearers around the world. Studies have consistently demonstrated the advantages of AB technology in areas such as speech understanding, voice discrimination, and melody recognition and enjoyment. These include areas such as speech understanding, voice discrimination, and melody recognition and enjoyment.1,2,3

Our Products

Sky CI M

The world’s first CI sound processor designed with children in mind.

You want to give your child the world. Sky CI M gives your child a powerful hearing experience, the flexibility for a growing child’s adventures, and the ultimate ease of use for staying connected with their world around them.

Naída CI M 

Connect with the moments you love.

The all new CI sound processor for adults based on the celebrated Marvel hearing aid technology, offering direct connectivity to virtually any Bluetooth-enabled device. 

The HiRes Ultra 3D cochlear implant

The first-of-its-kind HiRes™ Ultra 3D Cochlear Implant’s innovative multi-magnet assembly provides alignment to a 3D MRI field, allowing adult and pediatric users to safely undergo high-resolution imaging, such as 3.0 Tesla MRIs, without any preparation, surgery or head bandaging.

Chorus Sound Processor

Our latest Chorus™ sound processor for our first generation implant recipients. We are committed to supporting every Advanced Bionics implant recipient along their hearing journey and continuing to improving their hearing experience.

The Naída CI Q90 sound processor

The Naída CI Q90 sound processor provides unique, groundbreaking features that help to effortlessly hear better in any environment. As people move through their day, they experience many different sound environments. With AutoSound™ OS technology, the Naída CI Q90 analyzes and automatically adapts to the sound of the environment so wearers hear their best without having to adjust any settings. The unique Binaural VoiceStream Technology™ in Naída CI Q90 sound processors give the processors on the left and right ear the ability to communicate with each other so they can work together intelligently and focus on the sound wearers want to hear while significantly reducing unwanted noises.


Surgeons have no objective means of monitoring the function of the cochlea during electrode insertion. The AIM™ system can help. It uses the implant to measure electrocochleography (or ECochG)  potentials generated by the inner ear and the auditory nerve in response to acoustic stimuli. This continuous and real-time measurement during electrode insertion can provide invaluable feedback to the surgeon.

Recent Videos

Marvel CI

HiRes Ultra 3D

AIM System

Some Company & Product Facts

  • Over 100,000 ears implanted in over 130 countries
  • More than 500 patents
  • 100+ partnerships with universities and clinics around the world
  • Nearly 125+ peer-reviewed publications in the last 5 years and counting
  • First to introduce a CI sound processor designed for children
  • First to introduce CI sound processors that connects to virtually any Bluetooth-enabled device
  • First to prove superior performance with ClearVoice™ sound processing, an automated feature to improve speech understanding in difficult listening environments4,5,6,7,8,9
  • First to introduce a swimmable sound processor

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Media Downloads

The HiRes Ultra 3D cochlear implant has been awarded the MedTech Breakthrough Award 2019 for Best Overall Medical Device Solution

Read more here




Firszt JB, Koch DB, Downing M, Litvak L. (2007) Current steering creates additional pitch percepts in adult cochlear implant recipients. Otology and Neurotology, 28(5):629-636.


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Alexandre GAULT(1), Drs Hans Mülder(2), Pr Paul J. GOVAERTS(3). (1) : Advanced Bionics AG – Switzerland ; (2) Phonak Communication AG – Switzerland ; (3) The Eargroup - Belgium. Dynamic FM and ClearVoice™ – Improving Speech discrimination  - Technical and clinical verifications

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