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Emmy Cartwright

Emmy lives in Arizona, and is currently attending Northern Arizona University, studying Elementary and Special Education. She loves to read, listening to music, and working with children. Her passion is helping others who are deaf or hard of hearing to find their voice and learn how to advocate for themselves. As a part of that effort, Emmy has served on the Phonak Teen Advisory Board, and is currently an active Mentor in the AB Community and HearingJourney Chat Moderator. You can find her at hearingjourney.com.

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Getting Ready for College in the Time of COVID-19

Thu, 1 Oct 2020  by  Emmy Cartwright

Having had a cochlear implant since I was thirteen months old, hearing and living with one is all I know. Now, at nineteen years old, I use a Naída Q90 in my right ear and a Naída Link CROS in my left. For those unfamiliar with CROS, it is a small hearing aid-like device that that I wear on my non-implanted left ear. It picks up sound from that side and delivers it to the sound processor on my right. This way, I can hear from all around me. I am currently attending Northern Arizona University, and come this Fall, I will be a sophomore.