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Megan Sturm

Megan began her career in the US Army as a linguist and received a Bachelor's degree in Communications from Austin Peay State University. Megan has 20 years of experience working in the medical device industry supporting and educating physicians, audiologists, and patients. She brings a strong passion to her CICS role at AB for working with deaf and hard of hearing individuals, as her mother was a teacher of the deaf for over 42 years.

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What kind of hearing loss do I have?

Thu, 18 Jun 2020  by  Megan Sturm

Finding out that you have hearing loss can create a firestorm of questions in your mind. How did this happen? Will it get worse? Will I lose my hearing completely? Can hearing aids help me? What if hearing aids can't help me? These are all excellent questions, but one of the first questions your audiologist will answer for you is, “What kind of hearing loss do I have?”