The Naída Bimodal Hearing Solution

Made for Each Other

The Advantages of an Integrated Solution

If you are considering a cochlear implant, there are many reasons to continue to use a hearing aid in your other ear. Your hearing aid provides loudness and sound with depth. Your cochlear implant gives you greater clarity. When the devices work together, they can provide the rich sound you want and the speech understanding you need.

The new Naída bimodal hearing solution from AB and Phonak provides the first hearing aid specifically designed to work with a cochlear implant system. It features the Naída CI sound processor* and Naída™ Link hearing aid**.

Because they use the same platform, the Naída devices are able to communicate with each other in a way no other hearing aid and cochlear implant combination can match.

The AB Naída CI sound processor and Phonak Naída Link hearing aid feature matched:

  • Sound processing technology

  • Volume behavior
  • Program alerts
  • Colors

Easy to Hear

The most natural way to combine a hearing aid and cochlear implant

The Phonak Naída™ Link is the only hearing aid designed to treat sound in the same way as your Naída CI sound processor. This makes it easier to hear with them together.

Studies show that this gives you greater listening comfort and a proven advantage for hearing in noise compared to using a cochlear implant and any other hearing aid. 1,2

Easy to Use

Shared automated features for improved sound quality and understanding in noise


The Naída bimodal hearing solution helps you hear with greater ease and more comfort wherever you go. That’s because both the Naída CI processor and Naída Link hearing aid use the same advanced automatic technology to react and adjust in the same way and at the same time to changing situations.

The WindBlock feature 
reduces wind noise to improve your listening comfort in blustery conditions



The SoundRelax feature softens sudden, loud noises, like slamming doors and clanging dishes, for a more enjoyable hearing experience


The UltraZoom feature 
uses advanced microphone technology to focus on the voice of a speaker in front of you while reducing distracting noise, to help you understand speech better in noisy settings


Convenience and Control

Because of their unique ability to communicate with each other, you can adjust volume or program settings on both Naída devices at the same time by just touching the controls of either one.

The QuickSync feature provides the convenience of simultaneous settings changes with just one touch***

Easy to Communicate

Hear important sounds in both ears

Studies show that chatting on the phone, in the car, in crowded restaurants, or anywhere with distracting noises, is better and easier than ever with the Naída bimodal hearing solution.3,4

Your Naída devices are able to share sound signals with each other. This means, when one ear has a clear listening advantage, you can instantly send that better sound to the other device, so you hear the clearer sound in both ears. At the same time, distracting noises are reduced, allowing you to hear your best in challenging situations without the use of any intermediate accessory.


The StereoZoom feature,*** reduces distracting sounds in noisy places while allowing you to focus on a single voice, so you can chat on-on-one with less effort


The ZoomControl feature*** focuses on a speaker to your front or back or either side, so you can chat more easily in noise, even if you cannot face the person you’re talking to

The DuoPhone feature***
works when you hold the telephone to one ear by automatically streaming the sound to both ears at the same time, so your calls are easier to understand, even in noise

Easy to Connect

Crystal clear wireless streaming

The integrated Roger™ system transmits high-quality audio to both devices at the same time to boost your speech understanding in noise and over distance.5,6,7

You can also choose from a wide selection of Phonak wireless accessories that stream audio directly to both devices for effortless hearing.

Roger™ Receiver

Roger™ Pen

Roger™ Clip-On Mic






Phonak EasyCall Accessory

Phonak DECT Phone

Phonak ComPilot Accessory

Phonak TVLink II Accessory

Phonak RemoteMic Accessory

*The Naída Link hearing aid is compatible with Naída CI Q70 and Q90 sound processors

**The Phonak Naída™ Link hearing aid is not yet available in all regions. Please contact your Sales Representative for approval status in your region.

***Requires programming with next-generation SoundWave™ fitting software. Check with
 your local AB representative for regulatory approval and availability in your region.

†Available with the Naída CI Q90 only 

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