A series of recipient stories about their journeys to hearing with AB

As you consider beginning your own personal journey to hearing—or guiding a child or loved one on theirs—hearing from others who have already taken those steps can be invaluable.

Jim’s Story

As Jim’s hearing loss affected his personal and professional life more and more, the methods he used to cope became more and more exhausting. His new AB cochlear implant strengthened his relationships, saved his career, and brought back sounds he hadn’t heard in decades…

“My ability to communicate has
taken massive steps forward.” 

Aria’s Story

When they learned their daughter, Aria, had hearing loss, Bruce and Donna were heartbroken to realize she had never heard the songs they had sung to her every night. AB technology has allowed them to share their love of music with her—and open up a future filled with possibilities.

“She’s just taken off, like a rocket.”

Barbara and Pati’s Story

After meeting at a support group, Pati appreciated the experience and advice Barbara could share about coping with hearing loss while raising a young family. But it was Pati’s experiences after embracing AB technology that prompted Barbara to make the life-changing decision to finally receive a cochlear implant.

“I said, ‘You can hear that?’
She said, 'Yes,' and I thought,
‘I’ve got to have one of these!’”

Your Journey

These are some of the thousands of stories AB recipients and their loved ones have to share about their experiences with hearing loss, their decision to embrace cochlear implant technology, and the many joyous ways their lives have changed as a result.

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