Tools to Support Your Patient on their Journey

Advanced Bionics knows that every hearing health professional plays a vital role in helping their patients achieve an improved hearing experience.

AB is committed to providing professionals like you with cochlear implant resources and information that help you assist your unilateral, bilateral and paediatric patients on their journeys to hearing.

Connect Your Patients to the BEA

The Bionic Ear Association (BEA) strives to improve the quality of life of individuals with severe-to-profound hearing loss by providing information, education, awareness, and guidance on cochlear implants.

By connecting your patients to the BEA, and specifically to a BEA Mentor, you’ll help them find peer-to-peer support and lay the foundation for greater success with their cochlear implant.

Utilise BEA Educational Resources

AB’s Bionic Ear Association provides a valuable listening support with no cost online resources designed to help your patients learn to listen again — or for the first time.

  • The Listening RoomTM is a one-of-a-kind website that gives your patients, from infants to adults, age-appropriate practice activities in English designed to improve their listening skills so they can enjoy successful communication.
  • AB provides a broad range of literature and webinars to help educate your patients about hearing loss and choosing and living with cochlear implants. AB also offers information detailing the benefits of bilateral implantation.
  • AB’S Tools for SchoolsTM and Tools for Toddlers can help parents of paediatric cochlear implant recipients support their toddlers or school-aged children achieve better hearing.

Online Support through is an online community sponsored by Advanced Bionics and the Bionic Ear Association. This online network of recipients provides a welcoming place for your patients to make friends, get answers, and find support.

Hearing Loss Organisations

Advanced Bionics partners with several organisations that promote awareness of hearing health, early identification and intervention of hearing loss, and cochlear implants. Additionally, we have provided access to laws that govern the rights of individuals with hearing loss and the special education laws that protect the rights of children with hearing loss.

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