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You may be eligible to upgrade to a new Naída CI Q90 sound processor!



1. Directional Microphone—a built-in, automatic, directional microphone for understanding in noise
2. T-Mic™ 2 Microphone—the only in-the-ear microphone for better sound quality, performance, and natural phone use
3. Battery—rechargeable or disposable options to give you the power you need
4. Universal Headpiece with Microphone—provides an off-ear wearing option for added flexibility
5. Program Control—an easy way to access advanced programs, should you need them
6. Volume Control—simple control for times when you need a little more or a little less

As a CII or HIRes 90™ implant recipient—you may be eligible to upgrade to a new Naída CI Q90 sound processor. The Naída CI Q90 sound processor incorporates the latest advances in cochlear implant sound processing from AB.


A Powerful Combination

AB and Phonak also recently announced the addition of a new solution for unilateral CI recipients: the Phonak Naída™ Link CROS device, the first and only wireless CROS solution designed to work with a cochlear implant.

Intended for CI candidates and recipients without aidable hearing, and who do not have access to or are contraindicated for bilateral implantation, the Naída Link CROS is The Simple Way to Hear More.

Hear From Wherever You Want

Born from Phonak CROS technology that has been proven with thousands of hearing aid users worldwide, the Naída Link CROS makes it easier to walk into any listening situation with confidence.

Not only do you benefit from hearing sound from both sides, the Naída CI and Naída Link CROS microphones simultaneously and automatically adapt to different environments so that you hear better in quiet and in noise.

Hearing with one ear makes it even more challenging to hear in noisy conditions. But with the Naída Link CROS solution you can take advantage of the two microphones on each ear to help you focus on the person in front of you and not the unwanted sounds around you.

Simply switch it on and enjoy hearing from both sides

With the Naída Link CROS, you just wear it and go. There is no need to adjust anything. It automatically adapts to your hearing needs as you go through your day. You can wear it all day. It’s really so simple you’ll forget you’re wearing it.

Almost Invisible, you can wear it without it being noticed.

With no wires to weigh you down, the Naída Link CROS is the perfect companion for your Naída CI and makes it simple to hear more.

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