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J.P. Giuliotti

J.P. is a professional actor who also works in the field of information technology. He went deaf from progressive sudden sensorineural hearing loss in 2015 and has managed to push through that challenge with the support of Keck Medical  Center & Advanced Bionics, good friends and family, and his strong, loving wife, Jade. He also coaches the Special Needs Ice Hockey Team the California Condors. He is currently living in his home town of Boston to help out with family matters. For more information on his latest acting projects, check out: www.imdb.me/jpgiuliotti.

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Taking On Hollywood With My Cochlear Implant

Thu, 4 Jun 2020 By J.P. Giuliotti

J.P. Giuliotti is an accomplished American actor who also happens to be a cochlear implant recipient. His most recent role was on HBO’s hit show Room 104, where his CI was prominently visible, making him one of the first representatives of CI recipients on popular television. He shares with us how hard work and persistence lead him to success, despite this perceived disability.