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Jacob Landis

Jacob Landis is a part-time worker and a stay-at-home parent in Annapolis, Maryland. Jacob received his first cochlear implant in 1999 at the age of ten. In 2013, at the age of 24, he went on a 10,500-mile bicycle ride to help fund cochlear implant surgeries for those who cannot afford one. Jacob loves using his implant to hear his daughter learn to talk and listen to podcasts while walking the dog in the morning. While not the full-time cyclist he once was, he still loves riding his bike, and Jacob's Ride is still helping others.

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Getting a second cochlear implant – It’s all about the brain

Thu, 25 Aug 2022 By Jacob Landis

So much of my understanding of my cochlear implants relates to the brain. It’s also been the most useful way for me to explain my implants to other people. I talk about my implants a lot — to people who have never seen one before, to other people who have them, and to people who are aware of them, but aren’t quite sure what to think of them or how they work. To me, my implants are simply providing my brain with information that my ears are unable to provide. It’s up to my brain to make sense of everything.