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Julie Anne (Gehrandt) Chitwood

Julie was born in 1940 in Evanston, Illinois. She and her husband Billy head a blended family of six children: Robin, Craig, Rick, Scott, Shelley, and Brandon, plus numerous grand and great-grandchildren. She’s passionate about family, animals, genealogy, and reading. 

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You're never too old to hear well

Tue, 29 Mar 2022 By Julie Anne (Gehrandt) Chitwood

It was at a family gathering in 2010 when my daughter Robin realized that I was missing parts of the conversations. A hearing test shortly after concluded that I had a mild to moderate hearing loss. I ignored it for a few years as it wasn’t that bothersome. But now, after a lot of research, I highly regret that decision. I did end up getting hearing aids, and for a while, they helped.