Written by:

Natalie Cole

Natalie is an ER registered nurse who lives in Vancouver, BC with her family. Natalie is a recent cochlear implant recipient and used an Advanced Bionics Naida CI CROS solution prior to receiving her second cochlear implant. She is often busy on adventures with her three young boys, and she is taking courses towards her graduate degree.

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My Life as a Cochlear Implant Wearer in the Time of COVID-19

Mon, 11 May 2020 By Natalie Cole

As an ER nurse and a mum of three young, energetic boys, I know how important it is to maintain social distancing to support our medical systems during this pandemic. Everyday activities are being adapted, especially for me as a cochlear implant wearer. It’s been pretty crazy at our house, but that doesn’t mean the fun has stopped.