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Priya Jones

When she was in high school, Priya took two different healthcare classes and participated in a healthcare club called HOSA. Those classes and club have helped her to become who she is today. Priya is a certified medical assistant. She is currently attending college, pursuing a degree in her dream career in the nursing field. Priya was also in band and took a Spanish class. She feels strongly that anyone who has hearing loss can take a foreign language class if they put forth the effort to hear and speak it. Her hobbies include crafting, shopping, and cooking. She lives in Chattooga County, Georgia.

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My Journey into the Hearing World

Mon, 19 Apr 2021 By Priya Jones

My name is Priya Jones. I was born in Calcutta, India. When my parents adopted me, I moved to the United States of America when I was seventeen months old. I have bilateral severe to profound sensorineural hearing loss, and I wear two cochlear implants (CIs) to help me hear and understand speech. I also have craniofacial syndrome, which for me, means a cleft lip and palate, a bifold nose, and partial vision impairment in one eye.