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Cochlear implant technology is continually advancing, which is why Advanced Bionics offers local and national events - where you can learn about new technology and products, share information and experiences, and network with other professionals. These events are designed to be fun, educational, and provide you with the information and opportunities to better serve your patients and run your practice.

To find an upcoming event in your area, check the list below or do a quick search for an event that interests you.

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03/27/2015 - Webinar
Advanced Management of Complex Cases: Usher Syndrome
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04/22/2015 - San Diego, CA
An educational seminar designed to provide information on optimizing auditory access to support children with cochlear implants in the classroom. This course reviews the technology offered by Advanced Bionics. Professionals will be introduced to CI design, signal processing, and programming basics. Hands on instruction in troubleshooting, connectivity, and key support resources designed to support professionals in educational settings will be provided.
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04/30/2015 - Beijing, China
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06/18/2015 - Toulouse, France
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