It's Music Time!

We cannot overstate the impact that music can have on the development of any child …and children with a significant hearing loss are no exception.

It's Music Time!

Music is the most natural way to develop listening, language, and reading skills with your child. With Advanced Bionics technology, you can feel confident in the musical experience your child enjoys. Share singing, playing, dancing and exploring the world of musical sound together.

Supporting Communication and Social Development at Home and at School

Available in Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish

For Younger Children

Let's All Play!

For Older Children

Play the Woodblock





Music Time Booklet

Read about the flexible 6 week musical programme

Music Time CD

Sing the songs at home and at school

Music Time DVD

See individual children and groups of children enjoying musical activities and musical instruments

For more information and activities, please visit The Listening Room