Unilateral Cochlear Implant Patient Materials

AB provides informative materials that help you counsel your patients on the process and rewards of getting a cochlear implant.

Downloadable brochures, webinars, and patient and professional literature demonstrate how cochlear implants function and improve quality of life for those affected by severe-to-profound hearing loss.

The Journey to Getting a Cochlear Implant

AB’s literature will help your patients understand the process of getting a cochlear implant, from initial diagnosis to implantation to activation and beyond.

Your patients may also benefit from reviewing AB’s Hear Your World with Harmony, which illustrates how cochlear implants work and provides information on choosing cochlear implants. 

Advanced Technology Only from AB

AB’s state-of-the-art cochlear implant technology has been developed to help patients hear all of their world – from the quietest listening environment to the most challenging noisy setting.

T-Mic™ Microphone

AB’s patented microphone placed naturally at the opening of the ear for highly focused hearing while providing wireless connectivity to cell phones, MP3 players, and more.


A feature that automatically adapts the processor to your patients’ surroundings, just like normal-hearing ears. There’s no fumbling with dials, switches, or remote controls to adjust to changing environments.

HiRes Fidelity 120™*

Designed to deliver five times more spectral resolution (120 spectral bands) than competing sound processors, so you hear more details in speech, music, and more. 

*Not approved for pediatric patients in the U.S.


Automatically analyzes and adapts to every listening situation you or your child encounters, then separates speech from surrounding noise for improved understanding and comfortable conversing.

*Not approved for pediatric patients in the U.S.

The Real Story for Hearing in Noise

Whether your patient is at a dinner party, wedding, or networking event, you’ll want them to easily participate in the lively discussions that take place, rather than struggle to keep up. AB performs best in these challenging situations.

Gifford showed that 11 out of 11 recipients understood more sentences in noise with Harmony’s unique T-Mic™ microphone than with a behind-the-ear (BTE) microphone.4

The Real Story on Automatic Scene Adaptation

AB’s unique AutoSound™ technology automatically adapts to changing listening environments so that your patients can easily hear people speaking in everyday settings. All they need to do is set and forget it.

Independent research by Haumann, Buchner, and Lenarz concluded that AB recipients hear more speech in noise and everyday life situations than recipients of other cochlear implant systems.5

The Real Story on Spectral Resolution

AB’s HiRes Fidelty 120™ is designed to deliver the pitch and timing of sound with the greatest accuracy so that your patients can hear and enjoy music or hear well in noise.

*Not approved for pediatric patients in the U.S.

The Real Solution for Listening to Music

Hearing and appreciating music remains one of the biggest challenges for many cochlear implant recipients. AB technology is designed to help your patients enjoy the melodies, harmonies, and rhythms of their favorite songs.

In a multicenter study, researchers demonstrated that AB recipients listen to music more frequently and enjoy the music-listening experience more than recipients of other cochlear implant systems.6,7



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