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Rehabilitation Apps

BabyBeats™ early intervention resource app is filled with motivating and fun musical activities for parents of babies and toddlers with hearing loss to bond, play, and learn together. The app helps to create lots of opportunities for singing, talking and listening in the home. It will guide the parents through activities that will build the foundation for all later learning, listening and communication. 

As their child's face lights up in response to the music, sound, voices and movement, parents will begin to see the benefit hearing aids and/or cochlear implants can have for their child. The activities will help support consistent wearing and establish their listening with their hearing technology. 

Available for iPhone® and Android™.

WordSuccess™ Are you ready to join and follow the conversations again?  The WordSuccess App is designed to help you understand spoken words more clearly in quiet and in noise.  It can used at home or on the go. 

The app contains over 2,300 recorded items.  It offers increasing levels of difficulty including live voice, recorded voice and noise, allowing users to progress at their own pace. It has a placement test and tracks your progress over time.  You can set up different profiles to track your progress listening with one side, a new side or both sides.  Scores can be compared to gauge progress and shared with your audiologist.

Available for iPhone® and Android™.

myHearingGuide app will help you to take the first steps and guide you along your journey towards better hearing!
The app will help you and your loved ones to choose the best possible hearing solution, based not only on the level of the hearing loss, but on your needs, wishes and dreams for the future as well.

Available for iPhone® and Android™.

VocAB Scenes is a colorful, entertaining app designed to help children with hearing loss ages 4 to 10 learn common vocabulary and question forms through listening with caregiver or therapist guidance. The app features:

• Six different scenes (outside water fun, beach, pet store, swimming pool, camping, and winter fun)
• 12 different drag and drop items for each scene
• Three different games for each scene to promote listening and language development

Available for iPad®.

 AB Listening Adventures is an engaging app providing children with a fun way to practice listening for words in sentences. Designed for caregivers or therapists to guide the development of listening and language skills in children with hearing loss ages 4 to 10, the app features:

• Six different story-based games

• Focus on listening for multiple elements, plurals, pronouns, or minimal pairs
• More than 100 sets of words
• Fun sound effects and character voices
• Many opportunities for teaching vocabulary and sentence structure

Available for iPad®.

Processor Apps

myNaída CI app is a fun, easy-to-use guide to the exciting features and accessories available for AB’s groundbreaking Naída CI Q70 sound processor. Available free for both Apple® and Android™ devices, the app puts comprehensive guides, engaging videos and simple-to-follow instructions right at the fingertips of users. It is available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, and Portuguese, and can be downloaded through iTunes® and Google Play™ digital distribution platforms.

Available for iPad®, iPhone®, and Android™.

AB Remote is a smartphone app that is designed to provide user control over volume and program changes as well as provide access to help information.
The AB Remote app provides direct connectivity and control of Advanced Bionics Naída CI M and Sky CI M sound processors and Phonak Naída Link M and Sky Link M hearing instruments.

Available for iPhone®, and Android™.

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