Your Child’s Miraculous Journey to Hearing

Advanced Bionics knows that you have hopes and expectations for your child’s future. You want your child to attend mainstream schools, learn to talk, laugh and make friends at the playground.

Whether your child was born deaf, experienced sudden hearing loss, or no longer properly benefits from hearing aids, an Advanced Bionics cochlear implant system may be an effective solution for treating your child’s hearing loss. AB’s cochlear implants have enabled thousands of children around the world to talk, succeed in school, and socialize with peers. As you and your child embark on this journey to hearing, you can trust that AB’s valuable network of hearing healthcare professionals, recipients, and parents of recipients will encourage, inform, and support you along the way.

With AB, miracles can happen every day.

Jake's Journey to Hearing

“In 1997, Jake lost his speech and hearing at age 4. If someone had told me then that I’d one day be able to talk to Jake with his back to me, I would have thought that was such a miracle. If you’d told me then that he’d be going on to the university, I’d be amazed. The first implant enabled him to gain access to education, the second implant seems to have enabled him socially.”

— Jane Foreman, mother of Jake, implanted at age 5, bilaterally implanted at age 13

No One Journeys Alone

AB understands the stress and emotions that come with hearing loss, so we strive to make your child’s journey to hearing as convenient as possible. From helping you determine candidacy and getting your child’s hearing assessed to understanding the benefits of early bilateral implantation assisting with financing, and standing by your side throughout surgery, recovery, activation, and beyond, AB is there for your family every step of the way. 

Get Supported

The Bionic Ear Association (BEA) connects you to hearing healthcare professionals who offer one-on-one support throughout your child’s journey to hearing.

You can also join AB’s – the #1 online cochlear implant forum providing a place to chat, laugh, and share stories about cochlear implants and hearing loss.

Get Evaluated

After taking our candidacy quiz, have your child evaluated by a hearing healthcare professional at your nearest clinic. Your audiologist will perform tests to determine whether your child is a cochlear implant candidate.


AB is here to help you navigate the process of choosing, financing, and living with cochlear implants. Funding possibilities and insurance coverage differ from country to country. Please contact your nearest cochlear implant center or the AB office in your region for more information.

Schedule Implantation and Activation

If your child is a cochlear implant candidate, your hearing health practitioner will schedule your child for surgery and initial activation, which is when your child begins hearing the first sounds with their cochlear implant. It won’t be long before your child is hearing their best with AB.

Improve Your Child's Hearing

Learning to listen with a cochlear implant is an exciting and rewarding journey. The Listening RoomTM provides your family with a foundation of interactive and uniquely designed practice activities in English to support the development of speech, language, and listening skills in children of all ages.

Teach Children about the Journey to Hearing with Cochlear Implants

This fun, informative video illustrates the journey to hearing for kids. See why his cochlear implant makes him “the happiest monkey in the world!”

The Journey for your child

Is Your Child a Candidate?
Benefits of Going Bilateral
Implementation & Recovery
Initial Activation

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