Top 10 Reasons to Choose AB

There are many things to consider when choosing a cochlear implant. Here are 10 reasons why you and AB are a perfect fit. 

Hearing in Noise

Bothered by background noise? AB offers the most advanced solutions for hearing in noisy situations.  

Technology for Hearing with Both Ears

AB, as part of the Sonova Group, offers a full line of solutions for hearing with both of your ears across all types of hearing loss.

Automatic Features

Inside to outside. Quiet to loud. Noisy to noisier… With AB, there’s no need to change your program or adjust any settings – your AB sound processor automatically takes care of that for you. 

Hearing on the Phone

Because your phone is more than just a pocket-sized social media machine, AB allows you to listen and talk on the phone with comfort and confidence. 

Wireless Connectivity

With the combination of AB innovations and proven Phonak technology, you can enjoy all of the modern convenience of wireless streaming right to your ears.

Music Enjoyment 

AB’s groundbreaking innovations will literally bring music to your ears. Using the highest sound resolution available, we’ll help you appreciate all the nuance of music and understand lyrics more clearly than ever before.

Hearing in Water

Go ahead, get wet! Or sweaty or dirty or dusty… AB’s fully waterproof technologies help you hear better in any environment. 

Future Upgradability

As technology improves, so will your AB implant – without the need for additional surgery. Enjoy unmatched programming flexibility, and the capacity for future technologies. 

Support, Education, and rehAB

We understand that choosing a cochlear implant can be a life-changing decision. With support resources like,, and our mentor program, we’ll be by your side every step of the way.

Comfort and Convenience 

Wear it on your ear, or clip it anywhere. We offer several options including our waterproof AquaCase enclosures so you never have to compromise performance. 

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