Living With a Cochlear Implant

Swim. Exercise. Fly. Connect. From the implant to the processor to the accessories, our Advanced Bionics cochlear implant system is designed for life. 

Whether it’s listening to a live performance, talking to a friend or relative on the phone, participating in a meeting, playing sports, or simply enjoying the sounds of the world around you, each feature we off er is built for seamless integration into your daily activities.

Two Ear Hearing

Experience the most advanced technology possible for hearing with both ears with Naída CI 90 sound processors.

MRI Compatibility

Experience peace of mind with our first-of-its-kind multi-magnet assembly that does not require removal during MRIs.

Wireless Connectivity

Go wireless with accessories that are Bluetooth™ enabled and provide crystal clear sound for phone calls and audio streaming.

Activity & Flexibility

Don’t worry, do what you love to do. Dive in with our waterproof AquaCase enclosure and AquaMic™.

Phonak Integration

Get the broadest range of options with Phonak’s power hearing aids and Advanced Bionics cochlear implants.

Color Options

Showcase your personality with fun colors that let you make a bold statement, or subtle hues that offer a more discreet look.

Hearing with a cochlear implant.

Just like being fitted for a hearing aid, the journey to better hearing with a cochlear implant is a process, not an instant fix. Similar to how children need to learn to recognize different sounds they hear, whether it’s speech or a car honking, so too must new cochlear implant recipients learn how to recognize what they are hearing through the implant. This process starts two to four weeks after implantation, during the activation phase.

The good news? As a cochlear implant recipient, you should expect to make continual progress as your brain becomes familiar with the new way it is interpreting the sounds being transmitted from your implant.

Advanced Bionics uses the most cutting-edge technology and offers comprehensive support and educational tools to help smooth the way on your journey to better hearing. 



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