Chorus™ Sound Processor

Hear All Day Anywhere for our First Generation Implants

Chorus™ sound processor

Compatible with all Clarion 1.0/1.2 implants and sound processing strategies (SAS, CIS, MPS).

All Day on a Single Battery Charge

The Chorus rechargeable battery was designed to give you the confidence to go all day on a single charge, so you don’t have to worry about inconvenient battery changes.

­­­­­­Li-ion Rechargeable Battery

Chorus Battery Charger

Go Anywhere with the Protective Case

With Chorus you can enjoy waterproof hearing through the use of Chorus Protective Case. You can now hear and stream music while swimming and go anywhere in environments with excessive water, mud and dirt. Chorus also comes with a clip that allows comfortable access to the controls, and the possibility of detaching the battery without removing the clip.

Chorus Clip

Chorus Protective Case

Excellent Speech Understanding in Noise

Chorus’ integrated Roger™ Technology provides outstanding performance in noise and over distance1,2 by wirelessly transmitting a speaker’s voice directly to the listener. There are different Roger microphones available for different listening situations and lifestyles. They all help you hear better in the most challenging environments.