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What is a Cochlear Implant and How Does It Work?

A cochlear implant system includes several pieces of technology that work together to bypass the cochlea—restoring hearing by sending sound directly to the hearing nerve. The first is an internal component (the implant and electrode array) which is implanted by a surgeon. And the second is a series of external components that is worn on the ear and attaches to the implant (the headpiece and processor).

Cochlear implant technology has advanced significantly in the past 30+ years.



The microphone captures sound waves.


The sound waves are converted into detailed digital signals by the sound processor.


The headpiece sends the digital signals to the cochlear implant and electrode array in the inner ear.


The electrode array stimulates the hearing nerve.


The hearing nerve sends impulses to the brain, which interprets them as sounds.

We have two ears for a reason.

Hearing is a team effort that requires both of your ears to work in harmony. Hearing with both ears improves your brain’s ability to map and analyse the world of sound around you, giving you a better sense of where sounds are coming from, and allowing you to hear better in noisy situations. That’s why you shouldn’t settle for any hearing technology that’s less than a complete solution.

Did you know?
If you are already using a Phonak hearing aid, many of the features and accessories that you have can also be used with Advanced Bionics cochlear implant technology.



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