Nottingham Auditory Milestones

A comprehensive assessment for a younger population

What is NAMES?

A profile to record the development of active listening, understanding, auditory memory, and sequencing in the daily lives of babies and young children across the first three years post implant.


Available in English, Dutch, German, Italian, Traditional and Simplified Chinese

A Profile Specifically for a Younger Population

NAMES assessment profile was developed by the Nottingham Auditory Implant Programme (UK) specifically for children who receive a cochlear implant under 2-3 years old at the time of operation.

An Informative, Functional Real-Life Assessment

NAMES charts the growth of your child's verbal skills in the three years following their operation. NAMES measures active listening and auditory memory from the earliest days of cochlear implantation through to a sufficient understanding of spoken language to enable children to learn by listening within a group situation as would typically be the case in an educational setting. 

NAMES sets Expectations for Expected Progress!

NAMES is based on recognized developmental hierarchy.

What makes this dirrerent and why should you use it? Because NAMES draws on information about the development of audition and understanding in hearing children, but its starting point is the auditory changes in babies post implant, who access sound via the technology. This means the NAMES has specific probes related to the use of the equipment and the developing ability to detect sounds across the frequency range.


Listen and Learn e-Seminars

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  • Tuesdays with Mary
  • Listening for Littles
  • Literacy and Cochlear Implants with Christa Heavner
  • Listening and Language apps for little guys
  • BabyBeats™ early intervention resource
  • Singing in the rain: using music to reinforce listening

For more webinars, click here or go to AudiologyOnline to view recordings to learn from an expert on current research, how to set goals, and select rehAB tools for effective interventions.

Advanced Bionics would like to thank the Nottingham Auditory Implant Programme (UK) for making NAMES available for children, their families, and professionals worldwide

“I found the probe activities really useful and easy for parents to understand and use.”

— Hearing Healthcare Professional, India

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For more information and activities, please visit The Listening Room


Tune Ups™ Musical Resource

Tune Ups™ musical resource was honored by Therapy Times as the Most Valuable Product in speech language pathology.

Developed by Christine Barton and Amy Robbins, Tune Ups is a music CD and a listening improvement program that seamlessly weaves music and language together to engage children with hearing loss for an incredible listening, language and overall learning experience.

To order, contact the Advanced Bionics office in your region.