What’s Life Like with a Cochlear Implant? Ask a Mentor!

There are people and tools to support your hearing journey
with cochlear implants.

With cochlear implants, you can’t “try it before you buy it.”  So, it’s helpful to hear from others who have gotten a CI and learn from their first-hand experiences.

When you choose Advanced Bionics, you will never be alone on your CI journey. There’s a large network of people and families who hear and live with cochlear implants. Many of them are volunteer CI mentors who are more than happy to connect with you and share their experiences.

Form Powerful Connections with AB Mentors

Gain insights from our mentors who have embarked on their cochlear implant journeys, from decision-making to post-implantation experiences.

Discover uplifting stories of how cochlear implants positively influenced careers and educational journeys for mentors.

Hear how cochlear implants empower our mentors, enabling them to actively participate in social activities and gatherings with confidence.

Connect with our AB mentors via email, phone, video calls, or in person. Our mentors are fluent in English, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, and Telugu.

Our AB mentors are ready to connect with you, share their first-hand experiences, and answer any questions you may have about cochlear implants. By offering their insights, they aim to help you make informed decisions about your journey towards better hearing and a more engaged life.

Meet our AB Mentors across India

If you are considering a cochlear implant for yourself or a loved one, we recommend connecting with someone who has undergone the journey of receiving a cochlear implant. By sharing their stories, our AB mentors can help you make informed choices and provide valuable support throughout your cochlear implant journey. 

Meet our AB mentors – a dedicated group of volunteers ready to share experiences, answer questions, and support you in your hearing journey.

Parents of Pediatric CI Recipients and Teen CI Recipients

Dilpreet B.

Mother of AB CI user, Aanya, who hears with an AB CI and a Phonak hearing aid.

New Delhi

Jaishree T.

Mother of AB CI user, Harsh, who hears with an AB CI and a Phonak hearing aid.


V. Chandrasekar

Father of AB CI user, Pranesh, who hears with an AB CI and a Phonak hearing aid.

Tamil Nadu

Radhika P.

Mother of AB CI user, Srijani, who hears with two AB CIs.


Nagendra D.

Father of AB CI user, Aadhya, who both hear with two AB CIs.


Ashwini M.

Mother of AB CI user, Anushree, who hears with an AB CI and a Phonak hearing aid.


Nagma S.

Mother of AB CI user, Syed, who hears with an AB CI and a Phonak hearing aid.


Joyal P.

Father of AB CI user, Owen, who hears with an AB CI and a Phonak hearing aid.


Priyansh S.

Father of AB CI user, Alankrita, who hears with an AB CI and a Phonak hearing aid.

Madhya Pradesh

Adult CI Recipients

Ramesh U.

Ramesh hears with an AB CI.

Tamil Nadu

Natasha J.

Natasha hears with an AB CI.


Transformative Cochlear Implant Journeys

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