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Enjoy hands free phone calls and stream direct from any device. Or hear better in noise and over distance with the global wireless standard Roger™ technology from Phonak.

Naída CI Connect

Connect like never before with the Naída™ CI Connect receiver. Stream directly without the hassle of any body-worn device. Call hands free. Connect to any Bluetooth® -enabled device*. 

Phonak TV Connector

Compatible with the Naída CI Connect, the Phonak TV Connector is a simple plug-and-play solution that turns your Naída CI Q90 sound processor into wireless headphones.

Roger™ System

Roger systems allow you to hear much better in (loud) noise and over distance.

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Phonak ComPilot Accessory

Enjoy the convenience of connecting to phones, MP3 players, computers, and tablets.

Phonak TVLink II Accessory

Listen to the television at the most comfortable volume for you and others.

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Bluetooth® is a registered trademark owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc.

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