T-Mic™ 2

T-Mic 2 features an incredibly discreet design that comes in three sizes for all ears and ages. With enhanced aesthetics, comfort, and durability, the T-Mic 2 also lets you use cell phones, Bluetooth devices, MP3 players, and other battery-powered audio devices just like everyone else. 

Natural Placement for Better Hearing

AB is the only company to offer the patented T-Mic microphone placed at the opening of the ear canal. This strategic placement utilizes the outer ear’s natural sound-gathering capabilities, just like normal-hearing ears. The result is better, more effortless hearing for your child or you in noise.

R. Gifford showed that 11 out of 11 AB recipients understood 44% more sentences in noise with AB’s patented T-Mic than with a behind-the-ear (BTE) microphone used by AB’s competition.1

T-Comm for Neptune

A convenient accessory for the Neptune™ sound processor, the T-Comm delivers the natural microphone placement of the T-Mic™, a built-in T-coil, as well as easy connectivity to MP3 players and other popular consumer electronics devices.

Hear More of Your World

AB’s classic T-Mic for Harmony™ is available in sizes that fit both adults and children comfortably. Like the T-Mic 2 and T-Comm, it places the microphone at the opening of the ear canal for better hearing in noise or enjoying wireless connectivity with cell phones, Bluetooth devices, MP3 players, and other popular consumer electronics.

T-Mic Compatibility

  • The all-new T-Mic 2 is compatible with AB’s Naída CI processor and comes in three sizes.
  • The T-Comm is compatible with AB’s Neptune processor.
  • The classic T-Mic is compatible with Harmony processors and is available in small and standard sizes.

T-Mic Saver

  • The T-Mic Saver is a small, removable protective cover for AB’s T-Mic™ microphone. Designed to increase the durability of your T-Mic, the T-Mic Saver ships with all T-Mic orders and is also available separately in a convenient pack of six.


For ordering information in your area, please contact your local Advanced Bionics representative. 

“The T-Mic earhook is excellent! I hear very well with it and using the phone is just plain fun. I like being able to hold the phone just like normal-hearing people – on my ear.”

— Evelyn Gardner, implanted at age 63, bilaterally implanted at age 64



Gifford R. Speech Perception in a Realistic Background Noise: Effectiveness of Preprocessing Strategies and External Options for Improving the Signal-to-noise Ratio. Presentation at the 10th International Conference on Cochlear Implants and Other Implantable Auditory Technologies, San Diego, CA, April 10–12, 2008.

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