HiRes 90K Implant Family

Experience the Ultimate Implant Performance

The HiRes 90KTM implant family features the most advanced sound processing circuitry in the world. The sophisticated design of all implants in the HiRes 90K family provides unsurpassed programming flexibility, nearly unlimited ways to deliver sound, and full upgradeability for access to tomorrow’s innovations without surgery. Choosing AB allows you or your child to benefit from tomorrow’s technology with today’s implant.

“The Bionic Ear appeared to offer more potential for being upgraded in the future as new and better coding strategies and software became available so that I could conceivably have more and better hearing.”

— Michael Chorost, AB recipient

HiRes 90K Implant Family Features

  • Circuitry provides nearly unlimited ways to deliver stimulation – for future technology not invented yet
  • The only device with 16 independent current sources that facilitate current steering
  • Low-profile design conforms to the shape of your or your child’s head
  • HiRes 90K and HiRes 90K Advantage cochlear implants have been approved for MRI

    – in the United States to undergo 1.5T MRI scans with the CI magnet removed

    – by the European Notified Body, TUV, to undergo 1.5T MRI scans with the CI magnet in place (requires bandaging protocol, contact Advanced Bionics Technical Services for more information)
  • HiRes 90K™ Advantage cochlear implant and family of electrodes have been approved by the European Notified Body, TÜV, to be implanted in patients with unilateral (asymmetric) hearing loss, also known as single-sided deafness (SSD)
  • High-precision gold coil for the industry’s fastest stimulation rate

What is Current Steering?

Current steering is the process of using multiple current sources to stimulate two electrodes at the same time so that recipients hear additional pitches compared to when either electrode is stimulated alone. The industry’s innovation leader, AB offers HiRes Fidelity 120™*, a breakthrough in sound processing technology that uses current steering to increase the number of pitches heard. Studies have shown that compared to using other sound processing strategies, AB recipients using HiRes Fidelity 120 hear speech better in noise and experience improvements in music and sound quality.1-3

HiFocus Electrodes

The HiFocus™ family of electrodes is available with the HiRes 90K Advantage cochlear implant. With three unique options to choose from, surgeons can choose the most appropriate type of electrode to suit individual recipient needs and provide the best possible hearing.

HiFocus™ Mid-Scala

HiFocus™ 1J

HiFocus Helix™

The HiFocus™ Mid-Scala electrode has been developed to insert easily and gently for maximum protection of the cochlea.

Highly effective lateral-wall placement in the cochlea.

Peri-modiolar placement conforms to the cochlea's natural contour.

HiRes 90K Technical Specifications
  • Small surgical size ideal for very young children
  • Comfort-forming shape
  • Removable magnet for MRI scans
  • HiFocus™ electrodes for neural targeting
  • Neural Response Imaging diagnostics
  • State-of-the-art integrated circuit computer technology
  • Internal memory
  • 16 independent output circuits
  • Broadband data transmission
  • Bidirectional telemetry
  • 90K data updates per second
  • Up to 83,000 stimulation pulses per second
  • Up to 120 bands of spectral information
  • HiResolution sound processing programming:
    ClearVoice*, HiRes-P with Fidelity 120* (paired), HiRes-S with Fidelity 120* (sequential)
    HiRes-P (paired), HiRes-S (sequential)
    CIS and MPS modes
    Intellilink™ implant and processor association


*Not approved for pediatric use in the United States

Get the Best Hearing Performance with the HiRes 90K Family

The HiRes 90KTM implant family features the most advanced sound processing available and unsurpassed programming flexibility for the world’s best hearing performance.4,5 This sophisticated technology from AB is designed to bring you the clearest, most accurate sound possible so that you or your child can hear well in challenging listening situations like telephone conversations, office meetings, and school recitals.

Reliability You Can Count On

Mechanical improvements of the HiRes 90K™ implant that leads the industry with a 99.8% one-year cumulative survival rate (CSR),6 a measure that defines the likelihood of a device continuing to function over time. You can rest assured that an AB cochlear implant will continue to work so that you may always hear your best.

Technology Innovation Leader

Since our inception in 1993, AB has consistently made the industry’s leading technological hearing advancements, including superior temporal resolution, spectral resolution, dynamic range, and stimulation flexibility designed to be the most like normal hearing.



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Advanced Bionics Cochlear Implant Device Reliability Report 2014

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