Thankful to be able to Hear the Sounds of Nature

"Before my cochlear implant...

I felt so frustrated and isolated when I couldn't hear the sounds of life as it was being lived.

These days, as an active participant with a ringside table—life is filled with all those sounds that I was missing. One of my favorite things has been watching the birds at our backyard feeders. Now, with the sounds of nature to accompany the view—well, it continues to be endlessly entertaining, and never gets old.

My life has been enriched in so very many ways... but those simple sounds of nature soothe my soul."

Carol Halla, AB Recipient



Cochlear implant recipients are thankful for life-changing technology.

They want others to know how cochlear implants have helped them to hear better. Many struggled to hear, even with the most powerful and advanced hearing aids. They have been able to rejoin family conversations, use the telephone again, rediscover their favorite music, and enjoy the soft sounds of nature because they hear their best with cochlear implants from Advanced Bionics.


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