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Advanced Bionics offers the lifelong service support you need to help you hear your best. AB's online resources and qualified support team address your needs to continually meet your needs and expectations.

“I chose AB because the upgradeability and technology were better than any other company. They also have a better customer support team.” 

— Alexandra Lewis, implanted at age 9, bilaterally implanted at age 22

Customer Service

AB’s Customer Service team is comprised of cochlear implant experts who set the gold standard in customer care. Covering a wide range of needs, Customer Service provides important online and person-to-person support:

  • Answer your questions on hearing, cochlear implant technology, and funding insurance reimbursement
  • Find a cochlear implant clinic near you
  • Send you information
  • Put you in touch with helpful associations and organizations
  • Provide phone, online, and paging accessibility
  • Troubleshoot technical issues
  • Ship replacement processors within 48 hours

Insurance Coverage for Cochlear Implants

You are never alone on your journey to hearing. AB helps you navigate the process of insurance coverage for cochlear implants.

Tools for Schools

AB’s Tools for Schools™, including classroom management and assessment tools, are valuable resources for teachers who support children with cochlear implants.

Online Support at Your Fingertips

Tools, webinars, articles, and general information about cochlear implants are just a click away for anyone considering cochlear implants, recipients, parents of recipients, as well as teachers supporting children with hearing loss in the classroom.

AB also makes it easy to find answers to your questions about services as well as warranties and exchanges. For further assistance, contact the Advanced Bionics office in your region. A highly trained staff member will assist you.

Educational Tools to Improve Your Hearing Experience

AB offers a host of webinars and interactive exercises designed to maximize your hearing potential. These educational materials also help explain the journey to hearing with cochlear implants.

The Cochlear Implant Library

This insightful collection of articles and downloadable materials help explain the journey to hearing and the benefits of cochlear implants, bilateral implantation, and listening practice.

AB Connects You to Consumer Electronics

Whether you enjoy using a cell phone, talking on the telephone at work, or listening to the playlist on your battery powered MP3 player, AB’s products and accessories are designed for easy connectivity to telecommunication and audio devices during your daily activities. These guides will help you ensure that your or your child’s sound processor is set up properly for enjoying popular consumer electronics.

Troubleshooting Tips

Advanced Bionics wants to help ensure that your or your child’s hearing remains uninterrupted. Use these troubleshooting tips to check whether the cochlear implant system is working properly.

Thank you for contacting us to assist with your hearing solutions. Count on us—a community of hearing health professionals and recipients of cochlear implants—to help you Hear and Be Heard™. A representative from Advanced Bionics will be in touch soon!

If your request needs immediate attention or you have additional questions, please contact

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Customer Service

Toll Free Phone: +64 9 486 1849

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