Color Choices for all Seasons and Styles!

AB’s unique lifestyle™ line of sound processors offer the most flexible wearing styles to suit your life, meet your needs and reflect your own individual personality.

Whether you prefer a range of fun colors and designs that let you make a bold statement, or subtle hues that blend with hair and skin for a more discreet look, AB provides the options you need for the ultimate comfort and confidence.

Color Caps for Your Headpiece

Both AB’s Universal Headpiece (UHP) and AquaMic™ headpiece come with a range of color caps. 

Change your color cap to suit your situation. Wear a bold bright color for a fun night out or daytime activity and a blending color for work or school. 

Cover Your Neptune™ Processor in Your Favorite Colors

Match the top cover and body cover for a sleek look or mix and match to create your signature style. Neptune Color Covers are available in a variety of fun and stylish colors, so you can change your colors to match your outfit or express your mood.

Благодаря тысячам увлекательнейших раскрасок и дизайнерских решений от Skinit®, вы можете оформить свой речевой процессор под настроение или продемонстрировать свой стиль. Выбирайте любимые цвета, спортивные команды, произведения искусства и многое многое другое. Чтобы создать полностью своеобразный внешний вид, загрузите собственное оформление уникального стиля, свойственное только вам.


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