BabyBeats: Helping Little Ears Grow Big

Experiencing sound for the first time is an emotional, exciting first step on your child's hearing journey. It’s at this stage that their brains are starting to attach meaning to different kinds of sounds.

BabyBeats™ early intervention resource is specifically designed by our researchers together with experts in early child development and education to help babies learn to listen and communicate.

The app a motivating, fun way to encourage your child's communication and listening both before and after using hearing aids or receiving a cochlear implant. All the activities are designed to build a foundation of listening, learning, and communication skills that will foster powerful connections as they age.

What BabyBeats has to offer.

  • Assists with early listening skills and developing the hearing centers in the brain responsible for language and learning.
  • Supports parent-child bonding.
  • Enhances development of your baby’s brain.
  • Supports consistent use of their hearing devices.

Your Cochlear Implant Resource:
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information on CI’s and hearing loss.

We invite you to visit our blog. You’ll find stories written by CI experts, parents of children with CI’s, as well as adult CI wearers, about their hearing journey and helpful articles on hearing loss and cochlear implant technology.

We hope this blog will become a source of information and inspiration as you embark on your family’s journey to better hearing. Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog, so that you will stay informed when new content is posted.

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A powerful sense of community.

We empower children with hearing loss, and their families, to succeed on their hearing journey. Join the AB Community of families just like yours and connect to a mentor to learn more about their family’s journey to better hearing. You’ll never have to go at it alone.

Improving hearing. Connecting lives.

At Advanced Bionics, we believe every child can live without the limitations of hearing loss. That’s why we’ve developed the most flexible, innovative, and patient-centric cochlear implant solutions available today.

Our industry-leading cochlear implant platform matches the best technology and services to your child’s specific needs to help improve their hearing. And when your child can hear, they can fully connect with the world of sound around them. It’s as simple—and life changing—as that. 

All around the world, tens of thousands have already benefited from our cochlear implants. Experience the power of connection for yourself, and for your child. 


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